The Life and Death of Lil Kawaii: Look at the History Behind Lil Kawaii’s Popularity

Lil kawaii is an aesthetic that combines elements of cute, Kawaii, and lolita fashion. You can see the influence of these subcultures in the hair colors and styles of the people who follow this style. The term “Lil” in Lil kawaii stands for “Little” since followers of this fashion tend to be smaller than most people. Following almost any subculture, there are going to be peak moments where it is super popular. Usually, those peaks come with a lot of backlash from people who don’t follow the culture. There are many reasons why something becomes popular or unpopular among different groups of people, but the end result is always the same — eventually it comes back into favor again and continues to grow as a movement and not just a fad.

The Basics of Lil Kawaii

Let’s start with the basics of Kawaii. Kawaii is a Japanese word that can be translated as “cute”! You can see the influence of this subculture in the makeup, fashion, and hair colors of Lil kawaii followers. Lil kawaii followers tend to have pastel hair colors that have subtle hints of pink or blue. Following any subculture, there will always be those who subscribe to the style and those who don’t. Lil kawaii is often associated with Hot Topic and anime culture, though there are other elements that it shares with Lolita fashion. The lolita fashion is a type of dress that is very ornate and detailed. Often, people who follow this fashion style will wear a lot of pastel colors and have a very sweet aesthetic to their outfits and accessories.

What Does a Lil Kawaii Outfit Look Like?

There are a few staples of the Lil kawaii subculture that you can expect to see in any outfit that is designed to fit this aesthetic. First and foremost, pastel colors are a must. While there are some people who stray from this, the majority of Lil kawaii followers wear a ton of pink, blue, and purple. A common theme in any Lil kawaii outfit is lace and frills. Not only are these fabrics beautiful, but they are also very feminine and something that is complimentary to this particular style. You can also expect to see a lot of bows, hearts, and flowers in any Lil kawaii outfit.

Why is Lil Kawaii so Popular Right Now?

There are a few different reasons why Lil kawaii has become so popular over the past few years. First of all, the internet has played a huge role in the increase of popularity behind this particular subculture. Being able to easily connect with others who share your interests and passions is great, but it also leads to some people becoming obsessed with their fandoms. Many of the people who have become obsessed with Lil kawaii have not actually participated in any other subcultures. This means that they are not as prepared for the backlash that sometimes comes with being different. These people are also known as “normies” or “bronies” which is a term coined by the fashion and makeup artist, Jeffree Star.

Why Has the Growth in Kawaii Fashion Stopped?

There are a few different ways to interpret this question. First, Kawaii fashion has not actually stopped growing. It is still a widely popular style and is still gaining followers. What has stopped is the increase in popularity. People have become increasingly more critical of those who follow this particular subculture and have begun to look at them unfavorably compared to how they were being viewed two years ago. What people have begun to notice is that the younger generation is being drawn to the Kawaii culture more than their predecessors. You can see this by the amount of memes and content on the internet that is related to the term. The younger generation has become fascinated with this particular aesthetic and have been incorporating it into their everyday apparel and decor.

Or has it…?

The answer to the question above is yes, Kawaii fashion did stop growing as a trend. People are still following the Lil kawaii subculture, they just aren’t talking about it as much anymore. You can see this in the search engine trends for Kawaii fashion over the past few years. The trend of Lil kawaii seems to have peaked around the year 2017. This could be due to many different reasons. For one thing, the fashion industry is cyclical and tends to come back around every 10 years or so. It could also be that the younger generation is growing up and beginning to look for different styles and fads compared to when they were teenagers.

Final Words

While Kawaii fashion has not actually stopped growing, it has definitely slowed down. This could be due to a number of reasons, but it is most likely due to the younger generation getting older and looking for different things to do with their lives and fashion. The question remains, will Lil Kawaii regain its popularity in the fashion industry or will a new subculture come to take its place as the “it” trend? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, Kawaii lovers everywhere can keep rocking their pastel hair and accessories.

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