5 Unexpected Windows 11 Features Microsoft Made Finally Possible

Windows 11 is here, and it is here to stay. 

So, what will you do with this amazing OS from Microsoft? 

To be frank, we have got to discover all that. 

To do that, you need to use it. You have got to use Windows 11 in a more inquisitive way. You have to find out the ways in which Windows 11 might be better for you. 

In the general sense, Windows 11 is faster; is more customisable; is more flexible to run other apps natively. 

But that will not be enough for you, right?

That is why this post is written down to help you with the coolest Windows 11 features you would like. In this post, we will not be talking about the already enhanced features of the new OS since that s something an open discussion and live application can bring to you in the best ways possible. 

However, if you finish reading this post, you will understand that there are some features that the users were expecting. Yes, these traits are not just different, but on the other hand, they are a bit unexpected too. 

Microsoft made it possible. 

Let’s learn about them. 

  • Unexpected Features of Windows 11 You Would Love 

When taking out a text with no credit check from a direct lender, you might have expected the laptop or phone you are using to search for the to offer you some special tech help. 

With automated solutions and smart gestures, taking out or controlling your laptop or Smartphone through simple gestures and voice commands are pretty exciting. 

You can get that now with the help of Windows 11.

Here are some of the ways you can do that. 

  • Windows 11 Supports Android Apps 
  • Teams Chat Integration Is the Thing We’ve Been Waiting for 
  • Rounded Corners in Context-Menus 
  • Voice Typing 
  • New and Improved Gesture Control
  • A More ‘Active’ Action Centre 

Let’s learn about them n detail. Yes, they are fantastic, and they will keep you glued to the laptop for a lot of time. 

  1. Windows 11 Supports Android Apps 

When Microsoft took the WSL 2, which translates to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, running Android apps not just became possible, but the apps also earned the freedom to run NATIVELY IN WINDOWS 11. 

Windows 11 now supports Android applications through the Amazon App Store. Although you may not install the Android apps right away, you can still sideload the APK files for future usage. 

With the aforementioned subsystem, running an Android app natively is as easy as an ABC with Windows 11. 

Admit that it wasn’t just an unexpected matter, but it has also been dreamed and visualised by many. Using these apps can give the user more freedom over technology from different OS platforms. It also makes work more efficient and faster. 

Do you have a Windows 11 laptop already? Then go ahead and enjoy this facility. 

  1. Teams Chat Integration Is the Thing We’ve Been Waiting for 

It is the same as Apple’s FaceTime or the iMessage

For Windows 11, you can now use an application called the Team Chat that will aid you in connecting with friends and family or colleagues via video calls, audio calls or just messages in the form of chatting. 

And the good news? You can access it fast and directly from the taskbar. 

Do you want more of that unexpected surprise vibe?

Then know that you can now use the app FaceTime in Windows 11.

Aren’t you getting impatient?

  1. Rounded Corners in Context-Menus

The context menus are the things to which we don’t pay attention. Still, they carry a lot of elements to add uniformity in the text boxes so that they become very relevant to the overall aesthetics of the Windows 11 design. 

Developers made the corners of the context-menus (which appear when you use the right click of your mouse or touchpad) come in rounded corners. The makers say that the rounded corners add a good aesthetic to the looks of Windows 11 graphics and compliment it.  

You may miss the ‘refresh’ button there. But Windows 11 is planning to bring it back. Besides, you have got the f5 key to do that anyway. 

  1. Voice Typing 

Won’t you enjoy searching for a mobile text with no credit check by your voice when you use your Smartphone?

And why is that so enjoyable and easily done?

It is because you have got a native application to do that for you. 

In laptops with the previous versions, voice typing wasn’t as lucid as it is now found in Windows 11. 

Yes, you can do an easy voice search using Google. However, the new Microsoft voice search option in Windows 11 has a more improved algorithm to make searches end with more appropriate results. 

You can easily initiate this search using this combination: Win + H.

  1. New and Improved Gesture Control

With the touchpad, using 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 finger and 4 finger gestures has been very effective in dealing with multiple web pages, documents, spreadsheets etc. 

But you can make more out of this with the help of Microsoft’s advanced gesture control as you can now make them more customised according to your needs.

Isn’t that a facility to enjoy more?

  1. A More ‘Active’ Action Centre 

You can use the action centre in a more active way now. 

ü Controlling media files is now way easier with the action centre as it allows you to control all media files at once. 

ü You can get the action centre launched for you if only you take the mouse pointer at the right side of the screen 

ü It is much faster, preventing the lag we hate so much text with no credit check

Added to that, the new action centre is rather based on the mobile-first approach, which is good for two-in-one laptops.

  • To Conclude 

You can look for a mobile text with no credit check now, as you are probably thinking of using an amount of money to buy a new laptop that runs Windows 11. 

Well, you are welcome!

Description: Microsoft has made Widow 11 stand out as an exceptional operating system by adding elements we never expected a desktop OS would have. Check them out! 

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