Is Pod Kit And Advance Vape Kit The Same?

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If you have just entered the vaping world and are confused with terms like vape pod kits and advanced vape kits and are curious to know how they work, then you are land at the right place. On this page, you will get to learn everything about vape pods and other vape kits.

People always get excited when they come across something unique and different. The vaping world is one of the most intriguing and exciting places for alot of people. There is so much in this world that needs to be told. Dive into this ocean of the world and explore its depth!

What Is Vape Pod?

A vape pod is generally a lightweight, compact, portable vape kit. It is created for vapers who do not want a complex or complicated vaping experience. A pod typically contains a built-in battery, pre-install coils and a replaceable or refillable pod. The pod comes either prefilled or empty. You can fill an empty pod with your preferred e-liquid.

Once you fill the pod, you can then insert it into your vape device and start vaping. Pod vape kits are best known for their simplicity, convenience and flavour range. They are easily manageable and do not require specific maintenance. Alot of vapers out there prefer pod vape kits because they allow them to customise their vaping needs. 

Everything Abou Vape Pods:

With vape pod kits, you can customise your nicotine levels as well. You can choose your nicotine strength from either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 10mg,12mg, 18mg or 20mg. Nic salt e-liquid is considered excellent for those who want to get rid of smoking through vape devices.

A pod kit is generally smaller in size and can easily be fit in your hand. You can also put it inside your bag or pocket. Vape pod kits allow you to enjoy your flavour hits more effectively. They are suitable for every level of vaper, from beginners to avid. The pods do not have convoluted buttons, and they have intricate setups. You can purchase your favourite vape pod from a nearby vape shop or an online store.

What Is Advance Vape Kit:

Advance kits are designed for veterans and avid vapers alike. They are robust, sturdy and highly durable. Compared to pod kits, advance vape kits are bulkier. The reason why the devices are bulky is that they have powerful batteries.

Advanced vape devices offer you customisation that is 10x more efficient than pods. These kits let you set the wattage, voltage and temperature according to your suitability. They also allow you to adjust the airflow according to your preference. Moreover, they give you full control over your vapour production, i.e. giving you lose or tighter vapours. With these kits, you can switch between MTL (Mouth-to-lungs) and DTL(Direct lungs) vaping styles.

What’s The Difference, Then?

Pod are compact, portable and lightweight vape kits. Whereas, Advance vape kits are larger and heavier. Pod kits are best for beginner-level vapers as well as advanced vapers, and advanced kits are excellent for those looking to step up their vaping game.

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