What Makes Practice Exams Important for Passing the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam?

AZ 104 certification training online: IT professionals just starting should take the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. Candidates with Azure certifications are qualified to set up, manage, and oversee the Azure environment for your business.

This Microsoft Azure certification develops skills necessary to complete tasks involving the management of Azure identities and governance, monitoring and backup of Azure resources and configuration of virtual networking. This article explores the specifics of online AZ 104 certification training online and outlines the requirements for passing the certification test.

AZ-104 Exam Prerequisites 

Before starting any preparation or signing up for the Azure certification training exam, the prerequisite material should be thoroughly read. The fundamentals of Azure services, workloads, security, and governance, should be understood well for this Microsoft certification. Further, a minimum of six months of hands-on experience managing Azure is preferable.

AZ-104 Exam Structure and Preparation

The exam duration is of 120 minutes, and it consists of 40 to 60 questions. The exam’s cutoff score is 700. For US applicants, the Azure certification cost is $165; prices in other countries may be slightly different. Microsoft Azure certification tests are offered in various languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 

The following are some strategies for studying for the Microsoft Cloud certification test: 

  1. Understand AZ-104 Exam Objectives

The first stage in preparing for Azure certifications is comprehending its format. So, get the entire list of exam objectives from the official website before beginning any learning. It will help you plan your study schedule and complete assignments, and you will also find the best study materials.

  1. Microsoft Certification Training Programs

The official website offers paid and free training tools to help applicants acquire the skills needed for the Microsoft Azure certifications exam. Although there are practical learning pathways for self-study, you can learn from a licensed instructor in a paid training course.

  1. Attempt AZ-104 Practice Tests

Exam preparation should be the main priority for candidates wanting to succeed in the Azure certification training. These can help you evaluate your preparation and develop better time management skills.

Why Are Practice Exams Important for Microsoft Azure certification?

One strategy to lower anxiety and fill in knowledge gaps is using practice tests. Using them could initially seem intimidating as they are designed to follow the final exam format. But as you utilise the practice exams more and more, you’ll find that they’re more helpful because they’re made to match the exam closely.  

Practice tests track a candidate’s development and pinpoint weak spots. They can be used to gauge exam readiness. Your time management abilities will also get a boost from this. Skills are enhanced by attempting and passing more AZ-104 practice questions. Additionally, you’ll gain the tenacity required to sit for the final exam and succeed in it.

Significance of AZ 104 certification training online

The majority of Fortune 500 companies hunt Azure Administrators with a variety of skills. Enhanced earning is the most obvious advantage of becoming a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator. With pay packages that exceed seven figures, Azure administrators are in higher demand than ever. The remuneration for Azure professionals is often between 3.5 LPA and 39.1 LPA. As you advance through the ranks, the range expands.

Furthermore, your chances of getting hired by a major corporation significantly increase if you include an international Microsoft Cloud certification on your CV and LinkedIn profile. Employers value candidates who have international accreditation because they view it as clear evidence that the candidates’ skills have been thoroughly examined and evaluated. Along with professional and financial gains, you will have the chance to stay informed about the newest developments in cloud computing regularly. Currently, one of the hottest technologies is this one.


Understanding the procedures for becoming an Azure Administrator is a prerequisite if you wish to work as one. Diligence is critical if you want to pass the AZ 104 certification training online and become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate. Azure system administration offers a variety of job options. Candidates who become Azure administrators join a burgeoning cloud platform that is also witnessing great success. Candidates can, most crucially, discover flexible routes to a career in Azure system administration. 

The entire preparation process is already challenging without adding to the complexity of this Microsoft exam. However, considering all the benefits of this certification, you will see that the time and money invested were worthwhile.

AZ 104 certification training online

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