Dudhsagar Falls & Karwar Beach Exploration




 the Trip, Dudhsagar Falls is a popular tourist destination because of its strategic location on the Goa-Karnataka border but mostly in Goa. The appearance of milk flowing down the hillside is created by the gushing water from the streams. To be clear, “Dudhsagar” literally means “Sea of Milk,” referring to the milky white water that flows down 1,050 meters. One of India’s most beautiful waterfalls, the 5th-highest one, is so powerful that just looking at it will give you goosebumps. This delightful waterfall is high, flaky, and never-ending. It is now a popular tourist destination in Goa. In many ways, India’s films are to be credited for bringing their beauty to the public’s attention through film.


If you’ve always thought that Goa is only about beer and beaches, it’s time to put on your adventurous boots and go with us to see these stunning falls. This trip also includes a mysterious beach that will leave you speechless with its raw beauty and picturesque landscapes. You’ll be impressed by these beauty spots, so put together this itinerary so you can enjoy them on a laid-back vacation to Goa.


If you look out the window, you should be driving the winding country roads of Goa, which are surrounded by vast tracts of undeveloped wilderness. As we slowly drive into Kulem along winding roads and picturesque landscapes, take in the unspoiled Goa.


The stay, which is just a minute’s walk from where the bus will be parked, is one of the best in Kulem. Check into the designated rooms, grab your luggage, and get ready quickly. Start the trek by grabbing your packed lunch and breakfast from the buffet. You are required to bring a guide and a life jacket with you. The national park cannot be accessed without these. The first walk follows the railroad tracks. The most difficult part of the trek is this four-kilometer section. As you take baby steps, it really tests your patience and endurance. Get off the tracks and be on the lookout for the odd train. Bird chirps, running streams, some hidden waterfalls, and, of course, your new family will accompany you.


You will have ample time to complete the remainder of the trek due to the slick rocks on the tracks, so there is no need to rush on this track. We entered the jeep trail after walking approximately 4 kilometers on the tracks.


From here, 

the trail is mostly flat and passes through a lot of dense evergreen forests and running water streams. You will arrive at the village of Sonaulim after about 40 minutes of walking. On your right are a Hindu temple and a shack that sells refreshments.


As you take a shortcut to avoid a longer jeep trail, the trail narrows from here. From here, it’s only a 30-minute walk to the falls. You will be able to see the mountain ranges that are adjacent once you take the shortcut. Karnataka and Goa are physically separated by these ranges. A hanging bridge will appear after you walk along the muddy trail. Be sure to hold on to the rope and walk slowly because the bridge is slightly slanted.


The narrow trail continues until we reach the jeep trail once more after crossing the bridge. On this trail, you can catch a glimpse of the massive Waterfall for the first time. The entrance to Dudhsagar Falls will be visible to you shortly after you have caught a glimpse of the falls. Additionally, there is a police outpost and changing rooms. You will reach the foot of the fall after crossing a river with slick rocks and tremendously powerful water.


Eat lunch here and cool off by jumping into the pool at the bottom of the fall.


The same route will take us back to basecamp, where you’ll take a cool bath.




From July to October:– the Trek Trail consists of Railways Track and Forest Trail. 


From June to October: – The Jeep Trail is Trek Trail.


Bird chirps and the roaring Mandovi River are just outside the campsite when you wake up. Get ready for an exciting day at the beach by refreshing yourself. We’ll head toward Karwar, which is also known as Karnataka’s Kashmir because of its stunning beaches, waterfalls, and adventure. Devbagh Beach, Rabindranath Tagore Beach, and Tilmati Beach are some of Karwar’s most well-known beaches.


After enjoying a self-sponsored lunch, you can unwind at the beaches and begin your journey back to Bangalore around 4 p.m.


Reach Bangalore between the hours of 6 and 7 a.m. to make new friends and wonderful memories.

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