Innovative Tips to Design the Best Custom Serum Box for Your Brand

Custom Serum Boxes

Custom serum boxes are widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Consumers have become extra conscious about their looks. Consequently, the demand for skin, hair, and body custom serums boxes has increased. Therefore, this blog brings effective tips and tricks to design your boxes for serum.

So let us break down the details!

Sturdy custom serum boxes

Innovative and practical packaging designs keep the beauty business on the go. Apart from quality serum, people prefer custom serum packaging. It provides full protection to serum jars, containers, and tubes. Hence whether it’s a glass or plastic bottle, it prevents it from shattering or squeezing.

Therefore, you can make your beauty boxes durable with premium stock. We have kraft, cardboard, and rigid stock. However, for retail, kraft and cardboard are commonly used. And for a rich look, you can prefer rigid material.

Versatile custom printed serum boxes

There is no denying that people are drawn toward beautiful packaging styles. You can display your skin serums in reverse tuck end, two-piece, counter display, partial cover, and hang tab boxes.

Further, there are many ways to beautify the packaging. Thus you should carefully pick the color, illustrations, text, and finishing details.

As a matter of fact, all the factors together make your packaging drool-worthy.

Accurate size boxes

Do you want to enhance the customer’s unboxing experience? Order the right size custom serum packaging.It promotes smart packaging and lowers the loss of potential resources. Hence it doesn’t matter if the serum bottle is large or small; we manufacture the right size packaging.

As a result, it provides skin lovers a frustration-free packaging. Lastly, it is a brilliant way to keep the planet and the consumers safe and happy.

Sustainable packaging

There are a lot of options when it comes to eco-safe material. You can pick any box style or shape, and it’s customizable in kraft, cardboard, and rigid stock.

The eco-friendly serum boxes decompose naturally and pose no threats to the planet. Thus, the quantity doesn’t matter, but quality does!

Hence you can order bulk or short run order in green packaging. And the best part? It offers an infinite creative margin. You can print different colors, designs, and text.

In a nutshell, the eco-safe stock has a lot more to offer.

Custom packaging with logo design

No matter what industry, people prefer to buy from credible brands. The truth is no one wants to waste their hard-earned money. And the brands understand the customer’s concerns and provide authentic packaging.

You can make your serum brand popular with a signature logo. Further, you can enhance it with the following finishing techniques.

  1. Embossing
  2. Debossing
  3. Foil stamping

You can pick any logo, artwork, or text and embellish it with top-notch finishing.

Custom Serum Boxes

Counter display boxes

Do you want to triple your brand sales with cosmetic boxes? Well, counter display boxes are the best. You can place them at drug stores or beauty shops and grab the customer’s attention. The point is these boxes are meant to showcase your product.

Its unique box style and design make it a popular box. Hence you can always find it at the cash counters and on display shelves. And it provides sufficient space to stack the serums.Further, you can order it in any color, theme, or stock. You can make your box stand out with bold colors and eye-catching visuals.

Wholesale serum boxes with inserts

Do you want to pack multiple serums in one box? And are you looking for a versatile organizer? Well, nothing takes the place of custom dividers. They are part of the customized packaging, adding support and space. So you can -pack several skincare items in a box. And trust us, it won’t disturb the aesthetic appeal of the packaging. The best part? The dividers or partitions can be customized in foam, rigid, kraft, or cardboard. Further, you can order them in any size, thickness, shape, or color.

Wow, that’s great!

Add a wow factor with “inside printing.”

It is admitted that people are super excited to open the box. And they can’t wait for that very moment. So brands try to give a 360 unboxing experience.

And for that, nothing inside printing tops the list. As the name tells, the printing is done on the inside. And you can print whatever you want. Yes, we mean it. You can choose different images, stories, or product information. It creates an unforgettable unboxing experience and hooks the customers for a lifetime.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

Without an iota of doubt, we are the best custom box suppliers. Thus we are trusted by top-notch brands worldwide.Our in-house team has the best printing experts, designers, and estimators. They will handle it whether it is a simple or complicated box design.

Plus, we share a digital mockup of the custom serum boxes for your satisfaction. Hence after your approval, we will finalize the design and start production.

Choose iCustomBoxes and get an instant quote, free design, and global doorstep delivery. Are you interested in placing the order? Visit or dial +1-800-347-2197, and our experts will guide you further!

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