Fill up Space in Your Living Room

Fill up space in your living room

The living room is one of the most significant rooms in a house. It has the heart of the home as everyone tends to spend maximum time in the living room. This is where the space where you lounge with family and watch TV. 

Not only this, the living room is the first space your guests look at when they enter your home, therefore, it has to be welcoming and pleasing. Whether you have a dedicated space or an open area, your living room must be cohesive and warm.

It is critical to pay attention to every nook and corner and fill it up with warmth and coziness. Therefore, in this blog, we have highlighted seven creative ways you can use to fill up space in your living room and transform it into absolute bliss. Let’s have a look!

Place indoor plants

We are always connected with technology and devices and in this hustle & bustle, we have lost a connection with nature. Spending some time in the natural environment has positive effects on mental well-being. Therefore, it’s high time to include nature in your home and give that empty corner a sense of perspective. 

A large indoor plant can be a great way to exclude negative and empty spaces from the modern living room and give it a rejuvenated and refreshing look. One pro tip is to keep the height of the plant between 6 to 7 feet. Fig trees, snake plants, spider plants, and ZZ plants are some of the best indoor plants.

Let the Bench Play Focal

Benches act as great space fillers in the living room. They add a stylish statement to the living room while serving great productivity and functionality. If you want to infuse character and color in the room, while having enough space for storage then this is your pick. You can store throws, blankets, and pillows inside these benches.

One pro tip is to pick a pop-up color and maximalist style because the starker the color, the better!

Accent lounging chair

Use that empty space for taking a nap and lounging in the afternoon! The comfortable and cozy lounge chair serves as a great way to unwind and relax. This piece of furniture can be easily adjusted into any corner of the living room. Moreover, the notable minimalist profile with chunky cushions will also elevate the look of the space. Adding a single-seater sofa set can also be a great option to fill up empty space in the corners.

Create a Partition with a Shelf

Larger living rooms can feel quite awkward and uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to plan the space in a way that feels cohesive. One of the options is to create a partition with shelves and bookcases.

This way, you’re visually dividing the living room without overwhelming and overpowering it! Moreover, shelves will also provide ample space to style decorative accents.

Lay Area Rug to Cover Floor Space

Rugs provide an excellent way to visually fill an empty space while exhibiting a cozy and warm experience. You can cover the dead space in the living room and lay out fancy area rugs like faux or sheepskin rugs to add textural detail.

One pro tip is to pair it with a tiny chair, an accent table, and artwork to go!

Make Use of the Console

When in doubt, place a console in the empty space of your living room. You can store your everyday items inside the hidden shelves and flaunt some decoration pieces on the top. 

You can use ceramic vases and antique artifacts. Moreover, you can also add some artwork pieces or mirrors on the adjacent wall. 


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