What is the Difference Between a Dedicated Team & Extended Team?

Dedicated Team VS Extended Team

Software development has become a saturated market due to increased demand. Businesses need to develop better apps in a shorter time frame to survive in this competitive market. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of strain on development teams worldwide. However, outsourcing to a third party is a good solution for this. 

It is significantly more feasible to have external specialists on board than to deal with all hiring and administrative procedures to welcome new members on board.  

You have two options for outsourcing. You can either hire extended or dedicated teams. In this article, you will learn the differences between the two, and when should you hire or prefer one over the other. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is a dedicated software team?

A dedicated team refers to an outsourced group that functions as an in-house development team.

Dedicated teams can create an app from scratch and handle its maintenance once it is launched. Hence, they offer a comprehensive range of services, including testing, coding, UI/UX design, graphic design, and project management.  Hiring a dedicated team differs from hiring freelancers and in-house staff.

Working with a dedicated software development team saves you from recruiting individuals yourself. Instead, in this time of model, you partner with an agency or a vendor that does that for you. They either have a talent pool that they can tap into or screen and interview candidates on your behalf. 

The former is the better option since it enables them to put together a team much faster. Dedicated teams can prove to be a great help in tackling niches in which you don’t have experience. Thus, we recommend partnering with a company that can do this for you. 

What is an extended team model?

In an extended team model, you hire freelancers or experts to cover up skill gaps in your in-house team. In other words, the extended team model is all about increasing your existing workforce.  The extended team does not have as much freedom in setting pipelines and workflows because it is integrated into an existing team, unlike a dedicated team.

This is why extended teams need to conform to the in-house team’s existing tools, systems, and methodologies. Here’s another way to differentiate the two. A dedicated team model is like outsourcing a core function to a third party. On the other hand, extended teams refer to hiring outsiders to perform in-house tasks.

How to choose a suitable hiring model for your business?

The best way to choose the correct model is to analyze your business requirements and project peculiarities.

This short questionnaire can help you make the right decision.

  • Do you have a development team? 
  • Are you looking for long-term cooperation or need help for a short period?
  • Do you need a team of developers who prioritize and focus on your project?

Now we get to the big question—which hiring model should be opted for when?

When should you Hire an extended team?

The extension model is suitable when you have an in-house team and want to power it with more talent, especially for short-term needs. Here is when you need to hire an extended team;

  • When your core team is busy
  • No specific experts on hand
  • Lack of expertise in-house
  • Need to complete urgent tasks

When to hire a dedicated development team?

As the dedicated team model focuses on hiring a team of developers who prioritizes your project. It’s a great idea to choose this model if you do not have in-house and want a long-term commitment.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb when to hire a dedicated team:

  • When you have a project with vague requirements
  • If you are an early-stage startup
  • For complex long-term projects


Whether you want to hire a dedicated team or extend the existing one, what matters is the quality of the team. A subpar agency or team will not give you the benefits you deserve. In fact, it can harm your business processes to an replenished rate. 

To avoid that, it is critical to partner with an agency like Hire a dev, that has a proven track record of many successful clients. Only working with reliable agencies can give you the best chance at success. Visit their website to get in touch, and know more.

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