What Months Are Best to Go to Argentina?

Argentina top places for travel

The shoulder seasons of spring (September to November) and fall (March to May) offer a relaxing combination of fewer people, lower accommodation prices, and typically pleasant weather.

This is also the best time to enjoy Argentina’s wildflowers and hike Argentina’s Lake District and Patagonia’s mountains. Additionally, it’s peak skiing season in both Patagonia and Mendoza.


Winter is the best time to visit Argentina if you’re looking to ski or explore the northwest, though you may run into some crowds at popular resorts. For a more tranquil experience, plan a trip to Patagonia and southern Andes during summertime.

Traveling during spring and autumn can be a pleasant time of year, though be sure to pack warm clothing for evenings in Buenos Aires and other northern regions. Conversely, in Mendoza’s arid wine valleys you can expect cooler temperatures and less rainfall than during the summer.

In the southern part of Argentina, snow melts during January and February – making it the ideal time to visit Los Glaciares National Park or Ushuaia’s captivating beauty. Don’t fret though; temperatures rarely dip below 50 degF (10 degC).


Spring is the ideal time to visit Argentina, with mild weather and low prices. Additionally, it heralds the start of wineries’ harvest season when grapes awaken from their winter rest to reveal vibrant color changes.

Travel to Patagonia and the southern Andes during spring, when days are longer and temperatures are warmer. Plus, you’ll get to witness wildlife such as playful whales and penguins in Peninsula Valdes!

Buenos Aires is especially pleasant in the spring and summer, when crowds are less. It’s also an ideal time to experience Argentina’s famous tango culture up close.

These pleasant shoulder seasons offer a cool climate, few people around and reasonable hotel rates. Additionally, it’s an ideal time to visit Argentina’s Lake District or northern Patagonia for its spring flowers and autumn leaf displays.



Argentina top places for travel

Argentina is one of South America’s most diverse countries, featuring an array of landscapes and biomes. This includes arid high deserts and semi-arid pampas, tropical rainforests, temperate plains, as well as subantarctic glacial zones.

While Argentina can be visited all year long, it’s wise to be aware of seasonal differences. This is especially true if you want to discover Argentina’s world-renowned wildlife, take part in Mendoza’s grape harvest or experience the energy of Buenos Aires’ Tango Festival.

When planning a visit to Iguazu Falls, personal priorities must be taken into consideration; rainfall tends to be highest during winter months of January and February when visitors from Argentina tend to flock there for holiday fun.

For those seeking a more relaxing holiday, the shoulder seasons in September and November offer ideal weather conditions in cities like Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Plus, this is when the world-renowned Tango Festival takes place in the capital city, while autumn brings vibrant hues to the Lake District – as well as vineyards in Mendoza!


Argentina is a vast country, featuring various seasons. The northern regions can be hot and humid while the southern ones tend to be drier and cooler.

The shoulder seasons offer stunning weather for sightseeing, hiking and wine-tasting in Argentina. Particularly, autumn in Buenos Aires is especially pleasant.

Winter in Patagonia is a popular time to visit, particularly for skiers who can enjoy some of the best slopes. Similarly, summer months are peak tourist season in Buenos Aires and the Lake District.

Autumn and spring are ideal times to visit the northwest, especially Salta, as weather conditions are more pleasant and rainfall less. Plus, this is when Patagonia’s colony of penguins begins filling up – ideal for going glacier trekking or bird-watching!

Iguazu Falls experiences the most rainfall between December and February, which increases water volumes but restricts access to some trails around the falls. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid visiting during these months if you don’t want to be stuck inside a hotel while it pours.

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