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Techno-Marine President Franck Dubarry,  decided to steer clear of what he refers to as the “TechnoDiamonds copycats” after setting the pattern for a sports watch combining stainless steel and diamonds (with the extravagance of plastic).

The health of TechnoMarine has been the subject of rumours, reports, and a few critical pieces over the past few months.

For some reason that is only known to those who participate in this dubious hobby, the brand has been singled out for harsh criticism as if they were to blame for all problems within the watch industry.

Okay, so TechnoMarine’s watch sales and profits in 2003 were lower than they had been in the boom years, but that was a reality for many watch makers.

So let’s clarify the situation: In 2003, TechnoMarine made a total profit of $10 million off of the sale of 180,000 watches.

Although TechnoMarine didn’t set any sales records last year, it is still a viable business.

A Swiss STT tourbillon mechanism is housed in an 18-karat white gold case called the SPIDERMAN TOURBILLON. Alligator band with butterfly clasp, sapphire crystal, silver dial with hour and minute functions, and water resistance up to 50 metres.

Using ethnicity:

TechnoMarine debuted its Maori Series at BaselWorld the previous year. Franck Dubarry sought to innovate in order to set his brand apart from the dozens, no, hundreds of watch manufacturers worldwide who had jumped on the bandwagon that was steel and diamond sports watches.

As is frequently the case when a successful company makes a creative change of direction, questions were raised as to the wisdom of the move.

Dubarry says, “We wanted to create a product that had an emotional value. “I wanted to get away from the imitation TechnoDiamonds. I wanted to do something different and get away from them by doing so.

“Therefore I questioned what I know to myself.” The waters held the solution. I already knew that the South Sea people have a Maori culture because to my years of surfing and photography.

The majority of people are unaware of the history behind the Maori tattoos’ sudden vogue. I therefore believed that the idea supported our decision to create a Maori Collection. As a result, the watches are cutting-edge and distinctive.

We also make it a point to describe the culture’s and the designs’ historical contexts.


Stainless steel watch with diamond embellishments Hours, minutes, and seconds functions; sapphire crystal; rubber band; 30 m water resistance; Swiss ETA 956.102 movement.

being distinctive:

“The business changed from TechnoDiamonds to new fashions, and we invested in our reorganisation. But, they anticipate us to take a different, unexpected step.

Because they were unique, we sold all six of the tourbillons we displayed at Baselworld this year within the first two days of their release.

The consistency and coherence of all of our designs can be seen, though, if you look at our numerous collections, Dubarry emphasises.

“We are strengthening our position as an established brand and have room to develop. Due to the fact that we are constantly learning from our evolution, TechnoMarine has a bright future.

We have many models at various price points, a distinct character, and we are now in a new environment—that of mechanical watches—in terms of diversifying into sports watches.

One can question whether there is a case for going mechanical. We made six tourbillons, and they were a success. Hence, the response must be “Yes, provided that there is a consistent price.”

As all of our watches are now Swiss-made, it is clear that we have advanced in terms of design and craftsmanship. Customers are purchasing our high-end products because they are aware of our goals and because we have a distribution network.


Final evaluation:

One final note about the alleged “health issues” with TechnoMarine. It has been at the forefront of some design trends throughout the brand’s brief but extraordinary history.

At a period when the affordable Swatch seemed to be the in-thing, stainless steel, plastic, and diamonds required an incredible blend of ingenuity and bravery.

Nonetheless, it is clear from the different collections produced between the initial models in 1998 and the present day that Franck Dubarry and TechnoMarine did not simply sit back and enjoy the success of a single concept.

Style, form, and finish have been continuously researched; this evolution has affected not only the brand’s designs but also the brand’s workmanship, marketing, and distribution.
About three years ago, Franck Dubarry discussed his intentions with Europa Star in an interview. I cite:

“One of the issues we currently have is the overabundance of businesses employing diamonds in their timepieces. We must thus come up with novel ideas, concepts, and designs. Although mass distribution is the antithesis of luxury, we are in the process of transitioning into the luxury business. When more people acquire your product, the concept of luxury is lowered because only a select few can enjoy it. Thus, in order to strengthen our brand, we will, of course, add a little bit of crazy to the production and distribution of our watches. It’s crucial that we continue to include a sense of enjoyment into everything we do.
Clearly, the brand’s creative concept did not change as a result of issues.


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