Dharam Patni Love Story of Pratiksha, Ravi, and Malhar

Dharam Patni Love Story of Pratiksha, Ravi, and Malhar

Colors TV’s hit show Dharam Patni tells the love story that follows an elementary educator at school Pratiksha Parekh and a business billionaire Ravi Randhawa. Watching what happens when two individuals of different backgrounds and social standing meet due to marriage and ultimately fall in love will be fascinating. In the episode before, Raghu tells Malhar that Thakur has come to be blessed by him. Thakur declares that they’ve arrived to express their gratitude. They want him to have complete control over Pratiksha after the wedding. Malhar warns them not to use the written word to denigrate Pratiksha. Malhar says that Pratiksha has become his responsibility and is confident that their union will be full of love in Dharam Patni.

They ask the people to let him be. her regrets not having seen Pratiksha’s actual appearance while Keerti is alive. Ravi promises to alter Pratiksha’s fate forever. Ravi discovers that Parul has told her friends that she would like Ravi to marry the sister of Pratiksha. The family members of Parul are there to greet Malhar at the wedding. They give praise to Malhar and play with him.
Malhar praises Pratiksha and declares that he would like to have only Pratiksha. Manvi applies Tilak to the groom’s forehead. Manvi believes the groom’s nose is different from Ravi’s. Deepanshu is agitated and asks that Aditya contact Ravi or he’ll quit. The families consisting of Ravi and Kavya are enjoying the wedding festivities. Ravi grieves Keerti. He recalls his goals and is determined.

Love, Betrayal, and Family Tensions Unfold

In the last episode, Parul informs Kinjal that she’s upset that Pratiksha will marry Malhar instead of Ravi. Hansa asks Parul about her use of the name Ravi. Parul is preparing to leave. She throws a clay water vessel into the flame. The marriage is destroyed. Pandit claims it’s an omen of negativity and will take time to repair all of it.
Hansa scolds Parul. Pratiksha, along with her siblings, walks up the steps to relax. Thakur, as well as Raghu, arrive masked. They are seeking Malhar. Pratik stops them and demands to verify their identities. Raghu, as well as Thakur, declare that they are related to Malhar. Hansa tells Pratik that she is sure Ravi is not at the arena. Ravi will strike at the last minute. Raghu and Thakur find Malhar’s bedroom and watch all episodes at Jio Cinema USA.

They see Ravi in the area and are puzzled about why he’s there. They decide not to pay the man attention and only focus on Malhar. Malhar is dancing in his room by himself. He is amazed to see Thakur and Raghu sitting in his front. Hansa is instructed by Pandit Ji to summon the groom first and later the bride. Ravi engages Malhar in combat. Pratiksha tells her siblings she wants to go to Malhar in his bedroom. Ravi knocks a bottle full of wine on Malhar’s head. She says, “You will be the police officer but no longer the groom.”

Ravi’s Shocking Intervention at Pratiksha and Malhar’s Wedding on Dharam Patni

She hopes that her marriage won’t suffer any further issues. Ravi walks into a room and encounters the pandit, who assisted him in gaining entry to the venue. He was locked in a cell for refusing to cooperate with the pandit. Aditya can keep Deepanshu from being captured by Harneet.

Ravi offers Pandit the sum of 2 lakhs rupees. Pandit accepts to help him. Pratik and Hansa are the first to knock at the doors and then enter. They inquire concerning Ravi and Pandit. Pandit says he’s in the area along with an assistant. Deepanshu receives several calls from his unsecured girlfriend, Aditi. Deepanshu informs Aditya that he’s unable to act as he is and asks that Aditya call Ravi.
In the coming show, Pratiksha and Malhar are getting married. Ravi comes up to them, pours water over the flame, and then says that he had promised not to allow her wedding to take place, and then he stopped the wedding. Pratiksha questions why. Ravi states that she is his favorite. Panditji demands Ravi put a saree on her.

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