Mycology laminar flow hood is used for mushroom growing.

Laminar flow is the term for controlled airflow. And the hood is the cabinet where the air is flown. Laminar flow hoods are basically tight bench that has only one way where the air can be filtered and enter the hood. This is a very old laboratory, invented in 1960. Since then, it has become one of the most useful tools in laboratories where something needs to be stored in an airtight space. It is said that no contamination can be spread from outside or inside.


The laminar flow hood is mostly made of stainless steel, and inside it is a clean bench to contain the samples. It is not an incubator but a space where the whole air flows uniformly by velocity and direction. Because of this uniform flow, the sample inside does not get affected by the air. If the bench is placed horizontally, the air flows horizontally, and if the bench is placed vertically, the air flows vertically. Laminar flow food is also very useful in mycology. To grow mushrooms, laminar flow hoods can be very beneficial because mushrooms need some space where they cannot get sunlight and the moisture and temperature can be intact.

Mushroom growing

Mycology laminar flow hood is used for mushroom growing. Mushrooms can grow perfectly in a mycology laminar flow hood. The benefit of using a laminar flow hood for mushroom growing is that it contains all the spores and cannot get in touch with the user. To grow mushrooms, the user does not need to wear masks or be afraid of the spores in the air. Mushrooms get the appropriate temperature as it is totally sealed and also get HEPA-filtered air. The stainless-steel cabinets also do not get affected by water or external moisture in the environment. And for being sealed there is no chance of contamination or there is no chance of external touch to the mushrooms and they can grow safely.


Laminar flow hoods have been used for 60 years, and they are very beneficial and easy to use. This is why cell culture or tissue culture is so widely used. To grow mushrooms, it can also be used. The laminar flow hood is called the mycology laminar flow hood. There is a no different function for this, but this is used for growing mushrooms in it as it is very effective.

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