How to Look Slim in Saree?


Curvy figure – certainly look pretty, however, to look fabulous you need to put it together with perfect clothes.

Well, no one can understand it better than a woman, right?

Though, if you are looking for a perfect diet plan in order to socialize in your favorite saree, you don’t have to anymore. Because you can certainly own that all time favorite traditional look by looking slim.

All thanks to the versatile Indian saree.

Here, we will reveal 6 secrets to know and understand how to look slim in saree, without actually losing weight.

All you need to do is to choose a saree and drape it around you, perfectly with elegance.


Tips to Look Slim in Saree | Look Slim in Saree Without Losing Weight

1. Right Look, Enhanced Elegance

Indian sarees are synonymous with beauty and elegance, something that compliments the real you if you have created a look emphasizing on your look and every minor detail.

A few things to keep in mind while creating your look are –

  • Choose soft cloth and demure

For a subtle look, you must emphasize on feeling and looking good, say, a look that will not draw everyone’s attention to problems spots.

So, if you are planning to go for heavy makeup, heavy jewelry, and bulky hair, kindly eliminate it from your dictionary.

  • Color palette

The golden rule of creating a perfect wardrobe is, “dark color over light tone,” prevails currently too, especially, if you want to look thin.

Well, choosing the right color is also one of the answers to, “how to look slim in saree.”

  • Metallic details

To look effortlessly beautiful and gorgeous choose a deep, dull golden color, rather than going for a golden or silver color. Moreover, it is to be noted that you must not indulge more into metallic details.

2. Choose a Magical Fabric

To spread the magic on your figures and showcase those curves, you need to choose the right fabric.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to look like a lady trapped in a long cloth, which needs to be rescued.

Considering which, heavy Banarasi Sarees, starched cotton sarees, lycra, and jacquard sarees are out of options. If you have to choose, choose a “double edged sword,” a saree that will make you look thinner and more fancier. Moreover, to look slim, it is also recommended to wear a fluid fabric, although it might not be the best choice as it is transparent, clingy, and more often, slippery.

So, prefer going for Pure Georgette and Crepe Silk for a comfortable and slim look.

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