Tulum Transfer provides tourism services to the tourists.

Tulum is one of the most famous Colombian cities in Mexico. It is a Maya-walled city. This coastal city is a very beautiful spot for tourists. As it is exactly by the sea and also as it is related to one of the ancient histories, people easily get attracted to this city. In Columbia, people are very much associated with their heritage and their traditional culture, and along with this, the preservation of this historical area has made it so special. After the occupation by Spanish people, this Mayan city has been abandoned. Before the start of the 17th century, it had become totally empty, and from that period on, it has remained a signature of Maya culture.

Artifacts and architecture 

The temples and Castillo can still be seen in the text in Tulum. The wind god temple is one of the most beautiful examples of Maya architecture. Maya City was very much associated with religious beliefs, which is why there were several temples and prayer houses there. These places have been preserved very carefully in Tulum City. Not only tourists but also researchers and historians come to these places to find or study the ancient culture. This place is the proper ruin of a city. Before leaving this place at the end of the 16th century, this was a proper place for living. But this place is not spread over a very large area. Just alongside the coastal area, this place has spread.

Tulum tourism 

The Colombian government has made the place a tourist spot and created a safe place for tourists. Tulum operates buses that tour the archaeological spot on a daily basis. And as it is a very compact place, the small distance from Cancun and the coastal surroundings has made it popular. Tulum Transfer provides tourism services to the tourists. They provide different types of vehicles, and they also have different types of packages that tourists can choose from. The hotels near Tulum also have several options that a tourist can choose from. The transfer services can be shared or personal. Foreigners and pilgrims from other cities can reach the Cancun airport first, then arrange their transfer services.


Ancient Maya cities are full of historical gems. The architecture and archaeological artifacts are highly valuable, and in Tulum, the historical pieces are appropriately preserved. This is why tourists, historians, and researchers love visiting the place. The Colombian government provides all the support for tourism and the preservation of this historical place.

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