How Can Working Students Balance Work & School? A Discussion



Approximately 1 in 7 undergraduate students take part-time jobs during their schooling days.

So, the trend of school students working part-time is not so uncommon. Working while studying can also benefit students immensely for their future prospects post-education. 

Not only do they acquire some degree of financial stability to support themselves and their family. But it also allows students to create channels, gain real-world working experience and add valuable skill sets to their resume. 

However, most undergraduate working students look to achieve some work/school equilibrium. Since both are crucial commitments, students wish to make their dual endeavours more seamless and hassle-free.

Fortunately for part-time students, balancing work and school is possible with focus and proper planning. 

If You Are a Part-Time Working Student, Here Are Some Helpful Tips to Balance Your Job and Studies.

  • Speak To Your Employer 

It could be scary at first. Nonetheless, speaking to your employer about your intentions to study while working would be best. Doing so (especially early on) may compel your boss to make special accommodations and grant you certain provisions. 

Surprisingly, most bosses are helpful in such situations and support working students to pursue both. 

Reveal to your boss that you might need some time off during stressful times (like before the term exam or for urgent assignment requirements). Of course, if you get time off, ensure you manage your school tasks diligently so it doesn’t hamper your work responsibilities.

Trust and accountability are crucial here. Prove to your employer that you are serious about working and studying and are willing to do both with a little support from their end.

  • Use Workplace Flexibility to Your Advantage 

Many part-time jobs offer flex-time or the freedom to choose your work hours. Moreover, some even provide alternatives like reduced night-shirt hours, job sharing, and even working on weekends (instead of weekdays).

So, it’s best to find a part-time job with such flexibility. Some examples include – working at a bookstore, a public library, a general store or even a fast-food joint. 

Interestingly, working students often prefer the highlighted jobs as it allows them the scope to tend to their education by working reduced hours. 

Ideally, if you find a part-time opening near your residence or even school – check it out immediately. But, even if you don’t, look for a location-convenient workplace offering part-time vacancies. Finding one will serve your purposes nicely. 

  • Learn Time Management 

If you wish to manage both school and work, learn time management. To achieve proper equilibrium; you must determine how much time you can give to both. 

If you have to work the day shift, you must schedule your studies late at night- even if it means staying awake late. You can also get up early on weekends or off days to study or do homework assignments to compensate for lost time at work. 

Also prioritise tasks depending on their importance. If you have an urgent homework deadline to meet, call work and take the late evening shift. Alternatively, if you have critical work and must stay at the job for a specific period, manage your school tasks before (like – early morning or the previous night) or post-work.

It won’t be easy – constantly adjusting to meet both these responsibilities. But if you manage your time properly, you might pull it off.

You can also create a weekly or monthly schedule emphasising how to devote time to both responsibilities. 

Having a proper schedule makes you aware of your weekly responsibilities both at work and school. And following the to-do list, you can manage time to accomplish all necessary school and urgent job chores.  

  • Find Online Classes

You can also consider taking up online classes (especially if circumstances forbade you from attending school in a location at a specific time).

Online courses are just as effective as conventional school curriculums. Plus, it allows working students to pursue their part-time job while pursue their education without putting so much effort into going to a location to attend classes. 

Furthermore, some reputed Study Help online platforms present self-paced course learning. It is designed for working students who can start and stop whenever they see fit. 

Of course, don’t associate with any platform you find. Do proper research on the top platforms. See if they offer certifications upon completing their studies and if they suit your course preference and learning style. 

  • Leverage Your Usual Tendencies & Avoid Distractions as Much as Possible

To find a balance between your school and working life, you must learn to take advantage of your natural inclinations. For instance – if you study best at night, schedule your job hours so you have ample time to study from evening to late at night.

Also, if you’re good at planning, set specific time blocks for studying, working and finding time for yourself. 

Furthermore, you must avoid meaningless distractions as much as possible to ensure the best usage of time. Avoid distractions like phones, television or social media platforms. Use your time productively to work on your homework or study your syllabus (be it via online or physical schooling).

When studying, close the door or visit the library to concentrate wholeheartedly on your studies without interruptions.

  • Enlist Help from Assignment/Homework Help Experts Online 

If you find a homework assignment too tough to handle alone within a tight deadline, enlist help from notable assignment tutoring platforms to save time and effort.

Most working students frequently turn to such platforms and pay for assignments assistance – be it writing guidance or topic/concept explanations from subject specialists.

Such services relieve working students who are constantly racing against time and juggling too many responsibilities. 

The best part of top-assignment tutoring platforms is- you can connect with their tutors anytime and get prompt assistance or solutions to your doubts, queries and questions.

So, it’s worth checking such services out. After all, you must take all the help you get to manage your job and school responsibilities. 

Final Thoughts 

Managing studies and work simultaneously might seem overwhelming on occasion. When you feel stress handling both- REMEMBER THE REASONS YOU DO IT! It will serve as your motivator and push you to pursue harder against challenging odds. 

Also, watch out for burning-out signs like excessive caffeine consumption to focus, snoozing off during class, or becoming irritable at work. If these become too frequent, take occasional breaks to allow yourself to recuperate physically and mentally. Consume water and nutritional meals to keep your energy levels up to meet your double duties. 

Moreover, relish small achievements and allow yourself to enjoy the finer aspects of life whenever you can. Also have a solid support system to pick you up whenever life knocks you down. 

 The Great Robert Frost Once Famously Quoted –

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep…

But I have promises to keep…


So, keep persevering and moving forward. One day, your time will come!

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