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Most of the gadgets that we operate these days are wireless. Allow us to explain this with one simple and most relevant example – mobile phones! How many of you even have a wired landline at home? I am sure not many and if I ask you how many of you even use it – the number will further go down. Mobile phones have royally replaced traditional landlines (aka wired phones) from our daily lives quite clearly. And this transition has happened for all the right reasons – be it convenience, portability, accessibility or comfort.
We can give more examples but think that you have understood the point – the age of wireless technology is truly upon us and hardly anyone is untouched by this wave. With the rise of bluetooth technology, more and more gadgets now operate without wires and our favorite in this category are – wireless earphones!

You must have already seen people walking around in parks or traveling in buses/metros with earphones tucked inside their ears and simply banging their head. While that does look a little weird but if you know that there is a bluetooth earphone involved in these scenarios that keeps them fueled up with their favorite song – you won’t be surprised.

Truth be told, there are so many people now who have ditched the troublesome word headphone and have chosen the freedom and convenience of wireless earphones. Earlier there used to be a conception in the minds of people that wired headphones offer better audio quality as they are directly connected to an audio source (via the wire) but that’s not true anymore. Best Bluetooth earphones offer exceptional audio quality that leaves you all mesmerized and wanting for more. You can use them to listen to your favorite tunes, watch your movies, play video games or even take hassle-free calls.
But all of this is only possible if you invest in the right wireless earphones.

While the market is already buzzing with so many options, we will today introduce you to one of the latest and best wireless earphones that were launched recently.

Meet – Rockerz Apex

Designed to meet all your music needs – these wireless bluetooth earphones come loaded with everything that will make your listening experience amazing. Take a look at some of the best features of these earphones:

Comfortable and cute

These earphones look great but feel greater. They are not only good to look at but once you wear them, you will be amazed by the comfort and convenience that the design offers.
People who use earbuds often struggle with removing them safely when not using and placing them in their charging cum carry case. In some worst cases, they even pop out of the ears and you end up losing them.
All troubles like these have been taken care of in these earphones. This is because they support a neckband. This means that you can simply remove the earphones from your ears anytime you want and do not have to worry about losing them as they simply sit around your neck. And once you have to start using them again, you do not have to go looking for them as they are just around your neck! Isn’t that great?


Be it movies, music or anything else – you are guaranteed to embark on an exceptional audio journey when you put them on. They support a special feature called spatial bionic sound (enabled with DIRAC Virtuo) that instantly transcends you to a musical realm where every note, every tune and every effect gets clearly heard. All you need to do is double tap and enter a musical fest like no other.

Another advantage of having these bluetooth earphones is that they also support a BEAST mode that you can activate while playing video games. This super low latency of 40ms  keeps unwanted lags at bay. These earphones let you plug into a seamlessly synced audio experience, making it the perfect choice for gamers and streamers alike.

Crystal-clear calls

If you think that these earphones are only good for listening to music or playing games then you are highly mistaken. They allow you to seamlessly take/make calls without the ambience noises cutting through. The ENx technology gives you the freedom to hear and be heard clearly, anytime, anywhere. This feature is a huge advantage for people who have to often jump on important calls.

Battery that keeps strong

Now you must be thinking that since these earphones support so many amazing features, they must take a lot of battery and run out of time in no time!
Well, allow us to surprise you. These bluetooth earphones allow you to enjoy flawless music for up to 30H.
And now if you are thinking that this much battery backup must mean a lot of charging time then you are wrong again! They do not take a lot of time to charge and what’s also interesting is that they come with ASAP fast charge. Meaning that you get up to 10H of charge time with only 10 mins of charge!

Last  but not the least – the cost!

These bluetooth earphones are decently priced and you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get them! These are definitely the best wireless earphones in this price range.


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