Weekend Getaways from Delhi – Add Your Bucket List

Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Weekend getaways are a wonderful opportunity to escape the craziness and refresh your body and soul. When it comes to weekend getaways, Delhi is abundant with choices. There are many interesting places to visit close to Delhi, including hill stations, ancient cities, animal sanctuaries, natural resorts, and more. We’ve put together a list of the top 20 weekend getaways close to Delhi to make it easier for you to arrange that much-needed weekend getaways from Delhi.


Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh


Kangajodi will be at the top of your list for weekend getaways if you love adventure and have a soft spot for the rusty, raw side of nature. This area provides a range of activities to satiate the adventurer in you, including trekking, rope balancing, flying fox, and trench crawling. Together with a vista of the Shivalik Range and a bevy of birds, you will also receive your much-needed dose of tranquilly. This location, with its misty mountains and fresh spring water streams, will take your breath away without too much difficulty on the journey. 


Jibhi, Tirthan Valley


Jibhi, which is frequently described as a mesmerising hamlet encircled by colourful mountains and set amidst lush green forests, is the ideal location for relaxation. This is a remote area of Himachal Pradesh that has not undergone development and is surrounded by natural beauty. This location is worth visiting because of the thick pine trees, peaceful freshwater lakes, and spotless temples. An added plus are the inviting Victorian-style houses where you can stay.

Shimla or Manali are two ways to go to Jibhi. As all forms of transportation are available in Delhi, that is the ideal way to travel to Jibhi.


Bus: Taking a bus through Manali is the most straightforward way to travel from Delhi to Jibhi Himachal. Jibhi is 490 miles from Delhi and is reached via Mandi in 12 hours. It takes 510 kilometres to get from Delhi to Jibhi through Shimla and the Jalori Pass.




Shimla occupies a special place among India’s most well-liked hill towns because of its individual beauty. City, which can be reached from Chandigarh and Delhi at a distance of 342 kilometres, is a terrific weekend getaway destination because it has so many interesting locations to see. Shimla, the state’s capital, easily justifies its status as the capital of a stunning state well-known for outdoor activities and natural wonders thanks to everything that it has to offer and all that it possesses. Shimla is the state of Himachal Pradesh. Loaded with stunning, deep pine, oak, and deodar woods




Bir, a small village in Himachal Pradesh, is also referred to as the paragliding capital of India and is nestled among the beautiful natural bounty. Because it is so spotless, this village enhances Himachal’s natural attractiveness. In the middle of peaceful surroundings, snow-capped peaks, and magnificent temples, Bir is situated at an elevation of 5,000 feet. This region, which has a Tibetan colony there, is rich in culture. And features the Dalai Lama’s patronage of the Deer Park Institute. A centre for Indian tradition wisdom, broadening your understanding.


Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar


Alwar, once a neglected city, is now teeming with tourist attractions and crowded with visitors from all over the world. Boredom has no place in Alwar because there are so many tourist attractions, activities, and places to view. Going on a jeep safari at Sariska is one of the top tourism activities. That visitors to Alwar absolutely must do.

This location is 7 kilometres from Siliserh Lake, and visitors can take in village life while travelling to the falls. The months of July and August are the ideal times to visit the location. In City Palace, there is a Government Museum for those who enjoy history. A sizable collection of antique sculptures, paintings, and weapons may be found in the museum. The best tourist attractions in Alwar are all of these locations.


Even if Delhi might be at its happiest ever, it’s not uncommon to want to leave the city the moment. The weekend adds one or two more days. To choose the kind of place that makes the most sense for the amount of free time you have, though, often feels like doing some research. To save you some time, we have made you a list of the weekend getaways from Delhi. Hope you enjoy it.

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