How To Plan Your First Home Shisha Party?

Shisha Party At Home

Do you get nervous when you have people over for house-parties? Well, why not host them better and also enjoy a relaxed ambiance yourself by savoring your preferred Shisha flavor? 

First things first; you need to be well-informed to throw a Shisha party in the comfort of your own home. Several aspects need to be factored in, including the party’s theme, where to get Shisha on rent, food, music, and seating space, amongst other things.

To throw the perfect Shisha party at home, you must narrow down your options from the deluge of choices and options involved.

Do not worry; we have simplified this process by providing you with a condensed checklist covering everything from the Shisha home delivery to the playlist for your party.

What remains for you to do is as follows:

Select A Party Theme

There are many different themes, ranging from a Moroccan to a campfire setting. You can take your pick depending on the size of your living space and your budgetary constraints. The idea is to consider whether you have the room and the money to accommodate a particular theme.

In addition, you need to determine whether or not you want your guests to dress as per the theme. If you want them to do so, you must let them know in advance.

After you have narrowed down your options to a particular theme, the next step is to look for decorative items that complement that theme’s aesthetic. For instance, if you want to create the atmosphere of an Arabian night at home with a Shisha party, you could decorate your home with traditional lamps or thin, long curtains as a form of decoration. 

You are responsible for informing the Shisha home delivery Dubai service provider that you have this theme and require devices consistent with the theme.

Pick out the perfect assortment of decorative elements to create the ambiance you want and ensure that your guests have a good time. Avoid combining different themes as it can lead to a great deal of confusion and will distract our guests. A mashup of conflicting themes can also compel you to divert energy into activities that are not necessary.

Instead, settle on a concept for the interior design of your home and work from there to keep things streamlined yet fascinating. 

Shisha Rental Dubai

Even though there are probably a few Shisha home delivery Dubai that will deliver Shisha to your home, you still need to decide whether or not this is a priority for you. For example, some Shisha service providers focus solely on flavors, while others are more concerned with devices and other accessories.

On the other hand, a few companies offer the service of Shisha on rent and can provide you with exceptional flavors, devices, and accessories, in addition to knowledgeable sommeliers. These sommeliers can quickly set up a Shisha for you and customize it as per your preferences.

This eliminates the need for your guests to either wait until a sommelier is available or struggle through the decision-making process of selecting a flavor for their Shisha. If you hire someone like this, they can assist you in ensuring that your Shisha party goes off without a hitch.

This leaves you with plenty of time to occupy your guests while also allowing you to take full advantage of the party.

Seating Space

After taking care of the Shisha, the next step is to ensure sufficient space for you to set them up. If you want enough room, you must ensure you don’t go overboard with the decorations. In addition, there should be ample sufficient room between the various seating options, such as chairs, couches, and sofas, for you to place your Shisha.

Your guests can sit comfortably throughout the shisha session and engage in conversation. At the same time, there is sufficient space for the sommeliers to prepare Shisha for the guests. Arranging seats in this manner also lessens the scope for accidents. 

If this is your first time throwing a Shisha party and you are unsure how much space is required to place the Shishas or for a sommelier, you can ask the company that provides Shisha home delivery Dubai for this additional information and plan seating arrangements as per their recommendations.


It is not desirable for all of your guests to assemble on a single couch for the entire duration of the party while carrying a full plate. Instead, you should consult with the service provider and ensure that you have lightweight cutlery that is simple to transport from one room to another within the house.

Likewise, if you have a theme for your event, you should ensure that the food is consistent. In that case, you could serve something conventional, but avoid serving contrasting cuisines because it might counter the concept of your home Shisha party.

The appetizers are more likely to be the meal’s highlight than the main dish, so it’s in your best interest to choose the most mouthwatering combinations possible. The drink and entree options are available depending on your selected appetizer.


If you’re going for a Moroccan vibe, you probably don’t want your visitors jamming to Indian music. As a result, it is important to create a playlist that fits the mood of your party. You can make your playlist based on the most popular songs by searching online.

If not, the safest option is to go for songs commonly played at Shisha lounges. However, some hosts feel it’s more fun for guests to listen to music that is in sync with the theme of the party.

Irrespective of the playlist, make sure the music does not dampen the mood of your Shisha celebration. For instance, loud music can often do more harm than good by making it difficult for your guests to communicate and instead gives them headaches.

Instead, add more tranquil tracks to play in the background that will keep the vibe alive without going over the top.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy

First and foremost, ensure that you and your guests have a great time at the house Shisha party. If you do not enjoy yourself during the party, then all your hard work will be for nothing.

If you hire the best service providers for your party, you can avoid any last-minute drama and instead relax while blowing smoke rings in the flavor of your choice.

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