What things you should expect from permanent makeup

Permanent makeup in Houston TX

What is better than having permanency in your life, right? There must be innumerable things that a person wants to keep for a long time, something permanent. Just like this, many of you desire to have flawless glowing skin for a long time. But as you grow old there are many skin issues which might appear or there is something you want to change in the way you look or Something you want to improve in your looks.

That is when the concept of permanent makeup in Houston TX appears. Not putting an effort into the way you look might be something many of you want. Permanent makeup is here to solve that issue.

It would be extremely lovely to have the eyebrows you really desire and it would even be better if you don’t have to put in any effort for your eyebrows to look flawless. Not only do you have to take your time and fix your eyebrows every day, but you also can’t expect the makeup to fade away. This is when permanent makeup comes into the picture.


Things to expect 

  • Permanent makeup in Houston TX is a type of cosmetic tattoo which is a treatment to give the result for a long time. Through permanent makeup, you can expect lip tint, the famous cat eye, better eyebrows, blush etc. When it comes to eyebrows Micro-blading and nano brows are one of the most famous concepts.
  • Micro-blading is a process that uses a cosmetic tattoo machine which gives you the effect of fuller eyebrows.
  • Nano-blading is also a process that uses a cosmetic tattoo machine that will give you a fuller eyebrows effect. The only difference between micro blading and nano blading is that nano blading requires a smaller needle than micro blading.
  • Through the process, the artist will mark and map your desired goal. You are required to use a numbing cream which makes the process easier and bearable.
  • During the process, the artist will use the cosmetic tattoo machine depending on your need and once you are done you will be asked to come back for a retouch after a few days or weeks.
  • Once the process is done, you will be asked for various precautions to take care of your eyebrows. You will be asked to not put anything on your eyebrows, not to do heavy exercise, not to swim, to stay away from the sun and not to sweat.
  • Once you are done with your permanent makeup you can expect it to stay for 1 to 5 years. It will stay longer depending on the way you take care of it.


Permanent makeup is a convenient procedure which will give you a lifelong result. Be it eyebrows, lips, eyes etc you can expect to receive a good result as long as you take care of it and the artist is an expert in the field. You can go to The Slay Summit to get your eyebrows done with perm. Thus, these are the things you should expect from permanent makeup in Houston TX!

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