Is it worth spending for the gastric balloon cost UK?

gastric balloon pill

You are in the right place to know if it is worth spending for the gastric balloon cost UK. You may be obese or overweight to be vulnerable to most diseases. But you are not alone, as the world health organisation confirms over 1.9 billion adults are overweight and 650 million are obese. And the statistics are only as per the information available in 2016, which could have seen a rapid rise because of COVID and other reasons. Hence many like you want to know about gastric balloon pills and their many benefits in reducing weight.


So, check out why it is worth spending the gastric balloon cost UK for weight loss with no surgery, endoscopic, or even anesthesia to live a healthy and active life.


Why do overweight and obese persons need the best gastric balloon pills?


As per WHO 2016 estimates, over 38% of adults are overweight, and 13% are obese worldwide. And over 340 adolescents and teens in the age group of 5 to 19 are overweight or obese. And another alarming 2020 statistic is over 39 million children below five years are overweight. BMI or the body mass index, which is the person’s weight in height measured in kilograms divided by height in meters square or kg/ m2m. If you have a BMI of over 25, you are overweight, and over 30 means you are obese. And that is not all, and you will be prone to many ailments, from diabetes and heart disease to others.


Being overweight and obese has become a significant medical problem ruining many peoples’ lives worldwide. But the good news is both are preventable and treatable with proper medications. However, many people cannot take the right medications, live a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, exercise properly. Many people cannot undergo surgery or even take medications or other treatments. And the only solution for such persons is gastric balloons.


Unlike the traditional gastric balloons that need endoscopic methods using anesthesia to place them in the stomach to reduce the food intake, these pills are better. It is easy to swallow the gastric balloon pill with an attachment during an outpatient visit for a few minutes. The doctor will fill the balloon with the required water and remove the tube. The water-filled balloon in your stomach will fill its part and reduce your appetite for less food intake. Following a specific diet plan and reducing food consumption will cause fast and long-lasting weight loss. After a certain period, the balloon excretes itself, and if more weight loss is more needed, then the patient could have another pill.


Now, why do people like to have gastric balloon pills? It is the best way to lose weight without surgery with little or no strain. Also, combined with a healthy nutritional diet this could help the individual lead a fit and active life without any ailments. And it is most apt for those who have tried all ways to reduce weight and failed in all of them. It is because reducing weight is easier said than done, and only gastric balloons can reduce the appetite to minimise food intake. So a natural way of eating less but nutritious food with a gastric balloon in your belly could be the ideal way to reduce weight.





Six reasons for spending on gastric balloon cost UK worth it


The gastric balloon costs the UK around £3,995 and is worth every pound for someone who has exhausted all other options. It is because of the many dangers of obesity and overweight that are on a rampant rise worldwide. For many ailments, it is the fundamental cause, as per many clinical trials and studies conducted in many parts by researchers. Also it is cheaper and safer than many other bariatric procedures that may need surgeries also. There are also many other reasons for it being worth that, including the following.


  1. It requires no surgeries and even the traditional endoscopy or the associated anesthesia to reduce weight naturally.
  2. On average overweight and obese people taking the gastric balloon pill program lose 2 to 2.5 stone or 10 to 15 kg within the first 6 months.


  1. With a properly nutritious diet for more than one year period after taking the program can

continue to maintain a weight-appropriate BMI.


  1. The Allurion gastric balloon program is the first not to need endoscopy and anesthesia to

swallow the pill and remove the tube after filling the balloon with water


  1. Since Allurion or Elipse gastric balloon is approved for use in Europe, it is the best and a

safe way to lose weight.


  1. Takes only 15 to 20 minutes of the best clinic visit as an outpatient to walk away with the

water-filled balloon to fill the stomach and reduce the appetite.


For more reasons why spending hard-earned money is worth the gastric balloon pill UK, contact the best clinic in Chorley to lose weight and live a happy and healthy life.


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