The Karate Kid: Discussion about the Robert Garrison’s movie!

The Karate Kid:

The legendary 1984 movie The Karate Kid features Robert Scott Garrison (January 23, 1960 – September 27, 2019), an outstanding American actor who is most known for that role. He also had a brief career as an actress and professional bodybuilder. He is best known for his role as Tommy in The Karate Kid (1984) and the second season of its sequel Cobra Kai.

His most well-known roles include the following:

  • The portrayal of Tommy in the second season of Cobra Kai and the 1984 sequel The Karate Kid.
  • The Punisher a 1989 film starring Dan McManus.
  • The part Roger played in the 1989 movie

The Karate Kid: A discussion around the movie that started it all

“The Karate Kid” is an iconic movie that was created in the 80s, and it has spawned many sequels and spin-offs. It follows the story of Daniel LA Russo, a teenager who moves to California with his mother. While Daniel was settling in, he met a bully named Johnny, who terrorized him and beat him up on their first meeting. Daniel wished there was someone who could teach him how to defend himself. The next day at the beach, Daniel met Mr. Miyagi, an old Japanese handyman who was fixing his car. Mr. Miyagi offered to teach Daniel karate, and Daniel jumped at the opportunity. Throughout the film, Daniel learns how to defend himself and also that he needs to believe in himself to get anything in life.

Summary of the Film

Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, played by Ralph Macchio and Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, respectively, are the major protagonists in Columbia Pictures’ excellent movie The Karate Kid. It takes set in the present day and depicts the tribulations of a little kid named Daniel who, following the death of his mother from sickness, relocates to California to live with his father. He experiences bullying from neighborhood kids and discovers karate while witnessing a group of kids practice. Daniel is on a quest to master karate, and he quickly befriends Mr. Miyagi, a karate master.

Actors and Roles

Like Two Dragons, the main roles of this film include a lot of talented people. The main roles in this film include Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, an unruly teenager who wants to learn karate and is ignored by his father. Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi, a man who runs a karate dojo and agrees to teach Daniel karate. Elisabeth Shue as Ali Mills, Daniel’s girlfriend. William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Daniel’s main rival to win a tournament. Several other people, including Randee Heller and Martin Kove, played their roles in the film.


Plot and Pacing

In 1984, a film released titled The Karate Kid. John G. Avildsen, the director, handled it. The movie’s main character, Daniel, was a teenage immigrant to America. While he learns karate, he is not particularly skilled. Because he is an outsider, he was bullied. He requests Mr. Miyagi’s friendship because he wants it. Despite his hesitation, Miyagi let him stay by his side. Then Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel a demonstration of his karate prowess and genuine excitement. Daniel was so fascinated by Mr. Miyagi’s proficiency in martial art that he asked if he would teach him karate.

Ending and Reception

As Daniel’s mother eventually embraces him for who he is and understands that karate is about more than just fighting but also about respect and discipline, the story of the Karate Kid comes to a satisfying conclusion. This movie received mostly favorable reviews, despite some critics who thought it dragged on at moments and was somewhat unrealistic.

Karate Kid’s Legacy

It’s difficult to envision living without karate methods. There is more than simply physical combat in this fighting style. It is a philosophy that focuses on respect, discipline, self-awareness, and physical health while imparting life teaching. Karate has a long history, despite the fact that the bulk of us only know it from the Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio movies. Martial arts’ origins have a rich history that has passed down through the ages. Legend has it that two great warriors engaged in a duel for honor and pride during Japan’s Heian Period, which may be the foundation of the karate we know today.


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