10 Countries Where You Can Get Korean Sunscreen Stick

10 Countries Where You Can Get Korean Sunscreen Stick

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about the wonders of Korean sunscreen. Renowned for its high-quality ingredients, lightweight formulas, and effective protection against harmful UV rays, Korean sunscreen has gained immense popularity worldwide. But the question is, where can you get your hands on these sought-after products outside of Korea? In this article, we’ll explore ten countries where you can easily find Korean sunscreen and protect your skin in style!

1. United States

The beauty industry in the United States has embraced the Korean skincare trend, and Korean sunscreens have become widely available. You can find them in specialized K-beauty stores, online retailers, and even some mainstream pharmacies. Look out for popular brands like Missha, Etude House, and Innisfree that offer a wide range of sunscreen options suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, many beauty enthusiasts in the United States have turned to online K-beauty communities and forums to discover new Korean sunscreen favourites. These online platforms not only provide valuable reviews and recommendations but also allow users to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for skincare. By exchanging experiences and tips, customers can make well-informed decisions about which Korean sunscreen products will best suit their individual needs and preferences. 

This virtual community aspect adds another layer of excitement to the overall K-beauty experience for sunscreen enthusiasts across the country. So, whether you’re a seasoned K-beauty aficionado or a newcomer to the world of Korean skincare, the availability of Korean sunscreens in the United States, coupled with the online beauty community, ensures that everyone can easily access the secrets of effective sun protection and glowing skin.

2. Canada

Canada has also caught on to the Korean skincare craze, and you can discover a fantastic selection of Korean sunscreens in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Local beauty stores, as well as Asian supermarkets, often carry a variety of Korean sunscreen brands, making it easily accessible to the Canadian population.

Not only are Korean sunscreens readily available in major cities, but their popularity has also extended to smaller towns and rural areas across Canada. With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, Canadians from coast to coast can now conveniently order their favorite K-beauty products, including sunscreens, from various online retailers and have them delivered right to their doorsteps. This accessibility has not only made Korean sunscreens more convenient to purchase but has also allowed individuals in remote areas to enjoy the benefits of these top-notch skincare products without having to travel long distances to find them. 

As the demand for Korean sunscreen continues to grow, the Canadian market continues to expand, providing even more options for sunscreen enthusiasts and allowing more people to experience the wonders of Korean skincare firsthand. So, whether you’re in a bustling city or a quiet countryside, the delights of Korean sunscreens are just a click away for Canadian beauty enthusiasts everywhere.

3. United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the demand for Korean beauty products has surged in recent years. Both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores now stock an impressive assortment of Korean sunscreens. Whether you’re in London, Manchester, or Edinburgh, you’re sure to find your favourite K-beauty brands on the shelves.

The popularity of Korean sunscreens in the United Kingdom has been further fueled by the growing awareness of the importance of sun protection and skincare. As more people become conscious of the harmful effects of sun exposure and the significance of maintaining healthy skin, the demand for high-quality sunscreens with advanced formulations has soared. Korean sunscreens have earned a reputation for not only providing effective sun protection but also offering additional skincare benefits, such as hydration, anti-aging properties, and a lightweight, non-greasy feel. 

This unique combination of sun protection and skincare has captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts and skincare professionals alike, solidifying Korean sunscreens’ position as a go-to choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution to their sun protection needs. Whether it’s to shield their skin from the harsh British sun or to achieve a radiant complexion, the allure of Korean sunscreens continues to captivate the hearts of skincare enthusiasts across the United Kingdom.

4. Australia

Known for its harsh sun, Australia takes sun protection seriously, making Korean sunscreen a sought-after commodity. Numerous beauty shops, especially in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, offer a diverse selection of Korean sunscreens, catering to the country’s beauty-conscious population.

5. Singapore

Singaporeans are no strangers to Korean skincare, and the city-state is a paradise for beauty enthusiasts. From high-end department stores to bustling local markets, Korean sunscreen stick is widely available, and you can explore various options to meet your specific skin needs.

6. Japan

Japan has a well-established love for skincare, and Korean beauty products, including sunscreen, have gained significant traction in the country. Many Japanese retailers now offer a curated selection of Korean sunscreen brands to cater to their customer’s evolving preferences.

7. Germany

In Europe, Germany has emerged as a hotspot for Korean sunscreen. The country’s diverse beauty market embraces innovative products, and Korean sunscreen has found its place on the shelves of various stores across the nation.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia’s beauty industry is no stranger to the K-beauty craze, and Korean sunscreen is widely available throughout the country. Shopping malls, beauty speciality stores, and online platforms cater to the growing demand for these beloved products.

9. Mexico

Even in Latin America, Korean sunscreen has gained popularity, and Mexico stands out as a country where you can easily find a wide range of K-beauty products, including sunscreen, in many stores and e-commerce platforms.

10. South Africa

South Africa is also catching up on the global Korean beauty trend, and you can now find Korean sun stick in some beauty stores and online retailers. As demand continues to grow, the availability of these products is likely to expand further.


Korean sunscreen’s popularity knows no bounds, and thankfully, it’s becoming increasingly accessible worldwide. No matter where you reside, the chances are high that you can get your hands on these effective and skin-friendly sunscreens. Remember to check local regulations and customer reviews to ensure you’re purchasing from reputable sources. So, go ahead and embrace the Korean sunscreen trend to keep your skin protected and radiant all year round!

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