10 Most Beautiful English Words Added in 2023

Beautiful English Words

Words are a great way to connect with one another. And English has mastered the art of connecting, as this very flexible language has adopted numerous words from languages the world over. With an estimated 1.4 billion speakers, English is the most-spoken language in the world. New words have been added to the English vocabulary in 2023, some of which are listed as the most beautiful English words, with easy pronunciation and meaning for incorporating into daily speaking and writing activities. 

Let’s explore the list of 10 beautiful words prepared by the Abouther team: 

  • Crash Diet

Defined as a diet intended for rapid weight loss, a crash diet is achieved by heavily restricting daily calorie intake for a short period of time. Health freaks can quickly adopt a crash diet. For example, “Sheila is attending her friend’s wedding next month, so she’s considering a crash diet for weight loss”. 

  • Mononym

You may have noticed some celebrities and notable personalities using only their first names without surnames to mark their brand. A mononym is defined as a one-word name without a last name, similar to a nickname. The term is pronounced “‘MON-o-nym” and was first used by the New York Times in 1962. Some famous celebrities with mononyms are Plato and Pelé, while Beyoncé and Zendaya are modern celebrities who use mononyms. 

  • Parasocial

A one-sided relationship with a sense of intimacy, particularly between a celebrity and their fans, is referred to as parasocial. For instance, fans of a celebrity feel connected as though they know each other and are friends. The term is pronounced “para-SO-cial” with stress on “SO”. For example, viewers watching a gaming stream feel a sense of relationship, but that is only a parasocial relationship. 

  • Agrivoltaics

The term Agrivoltaics became popular in 2021 with the introduction of a new solar panel technology. It refers to the concept of harvesting maximum synergy between photovoltaic energy. It has been primarily used for agriculture by installing solar panels across farmlands. Agrivoltaics is a portmanteau of two words, Agri and Voltaics, pronounced as “ah-gree-vol-TAY-iks”. For example, many farmers have implemented Agrivoltaics for more sustainable agricultural practices. 

  • Copypasta

This term signifies copying data, including text, and repeatedly pasting online across the web. It is pronounced as “copy-pah-stuh”. For example, Google has the ability to separate primary sources of information from copypasta. The term started dominating the internet during the pandemic when everyone started copy-pasting and circulating false information about the Covid-19 virus. 

  • Greenwash

The term Greenwash was intended to introduce awareness about lower carbon emissions. Greenwash refers to something that is environment-friendly, or at least causing less environmental damage. For example, many of the companies were accused of ostensibly “greenwashing” in the new law on carbon emission.  

  • Hellscape

A place or time perceived as hopeless and unbearable is designated the term Hellscape. Pronounced as “hel-skeyp”, the word was first used way back in 1894. For example, writers sometimes describe war and battlefields as Hellscapes. 

  • Rage Farming

This term is used to define an approach to provoke political opponents into making angry responses, typically by posting manipulative social media posts and speeches. Rage Farming, pronounced as “R-ay-ge-far-ming”, is sometimes referred to as Rage Seeding. For example, social media platforms are being used for rage farming in 2023 rather than constructive debate. 

  • Conciliate

The word conciliate is borrowed from Latin, and refers to meeting or council. Conciliate is defined as an approach to reach an agreement between a group of people to end a dispute. The term is pronounced as “kuhn-SIL-ee-ayt” and fits perfectly in the list of 10 most beautiful English words. For example, “The manager tries to conciliate employees by expounding a common ground”. 

  • Quisling

A traitor who has collaborated with the enemy for personal benefits and profit is called a quisling. The word is pronounced as “KWIZ-ling” and was first used after the Second World War. For example, “During a hard time in the war between the two countries, he betrayed his battalion and was labelled as a quisling. 

Final Thoughts

The Abouther team curated this list of the top 10 most beautiful English words in 2023 from a comprehensive list. Many other exciting words have newly entered the English dictionary, such as Shakespeare and Company, which can be purchased from the nearest bookstore.

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