16 Best Shooting Badges In NBA 2K23, Ranked


In NBA 2K23, you can use these shooting badges to go from shooting like Reggie Jackson to shooting like Stephen Curry.

Rebounding, playing defense, and dribbling are all important skills that are more or less needed to make it in the NBA. But more than anything else, being able to shoot well will make you stand out from the rest. Visual Concepts changed the way shooting works in NBA 2K23, which could make it harder to shoot.

Unless your player is a big, you should put a lot of effort into their jump shot. Even if you want to take mid-range jumpers instead of three-pointers like the cover player Devin Booker, you’ll still need the right Shooting badges. If you equip and improve these badges, you’ll soon be able to shoot like Stephen Curry instead of Reggie Jackson in NBA 2K23.

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