6 Methods to Maintain the Shine of Lucida Laminates

Lucida Laminates are the high gloss laminates from Century Laminates. They have an excellent gloss which stands them out from the normal laminates. They are highly resistant to wear and tear and do not get scratched and stained easily. They usually do not require much maintenance, and once installed, they can go on for a very long time.

But to even lengthen the lives of the laminates and make them appear always new and shiny, it is very important to follow some precautionary measures. If laminates are not treated well over time, their color loses its shine and fades away. Such laminates with dull and faded colors look awful and damage the appearance of the house.

Methods to Maintain the Shine of Lucida Laminates

Though Lucida Laminates require less attention but still the following steps should be taken to maintain their gloss for a long time:

  • Cleaning with a cleanser

There are a variety of laminate cleaners available in the market which can be used on a periodic basis to clean the laminates. Liquid cleaners are the most preferred ones and are very efficient in removing scratches and stains from the laminates and maintaining their shine. Cleaners shouldn’t be used very often because the chemical present in them might destroy the laminate in the longer run.

  • Wiping the laminates

Laminates should be wiped regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Do not soak the cloth in water. Continuous application of water can affect the quality of the laminate. Sharp objects like hard brushes should not be used for cleaning as they might further create scratches on the laminate surfaces. Any stain should be immediately cleaned to prevent it from drying.

  • Avoiding abrasive cleaners

One should not use black soaps, cleaners containing alkalis and acids, etc., as cleaners for the laminate sheets. They destroy the laminate and affect its strength and quality. The cleaner should be mild so that it softly wipes away the scratches and stains from the laminate sheets. Abrasive cleaners create deep scratches on the surface of the laminates, which destroys both the color and the pattern on the laminate sheet.

  • Avoiding direct exposure to sunlight

Direct exposure of laminates to sunlight also takes away the shine of the laminates and makes their color fade away. Thus, laminates should not be brought in direct exposure to the sun. Laminated doors should be protected with curtains so that the UV rays of the sun affect them.

  • Avoiding frequent contact with water

Frequent exposure to laminates with water hampers the quality of laminates. Moisture and dampness destroy the surface of the laminates, which leads to discoloration and fading. Thus, laminated floors, countertops, etc., should not be mopped with water to avoid any damage to them. Even if they come in contact with water, they should be thoroughly wiped with a dry cloth to remove moisture from the surface of the laminate.

  • Avoid spills

Laminate sheets should be protected against spills because sometimes the spills cause permanent discoloration and do not get cleaned. It is better to protect the laminated surfaces against spills and stains so that no extra procedures have to be done to clean the spills and stains.


Lucida laminates are rough and tough and bear maximum damage, but it is not advisable to take risks. They should be maintained religiously to restore their quality and appearance. The more care would be taken, the more durable they will be. Laminated sheets with faded color seriously affect the aesthetics of any décor, and thus, the shine of laminates should be preserved.


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