7 Sand-Controlling Game Characters

In the wrong hands, the unique ability to manage the elements may be harmful, and these video game characters can influence sand to lethal effect.

“Sand is coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere,” said a certain renowned Sith Lord in his youth. That may be handy, though. While it might be a nuisance in real life, it can also be a powerful weapon in games. Developers saw its potential and included it as a feature.

Many famous sand-controlling figures have appeared in video games. Such a power is mostly used for fighting, transforming it into numerous weapons. Other times, it is used for other things, such as puzzles or platforming. These applications demonstrate the material’s malleability. Sand can shape whatever the mind can think up, not only castles.

1. Various Pokémon (Pokémon)

Pokémon utilise a variety of components in their attacks, depending on its kind and habitat. Ground and Rock kinds may be found in caves, volcanoes, and deserts. There are so many that it’s hard to cover them all, but notable examples include Sandshrew, Diglet, Geodude, and their evolved versions. What they all have in common is the ability to acquire new skills.

Sand movements are among them. The most noteworthy are Sand Attack and Sandstorm. The former throws sand in the faces of opponents, reducing their accuracy. The latter summons a storm that attacks Pokémon of opposing kinds.These aren’t as harmful as Rock-based attacks, but they’re still effective.

2. The Prince (Prince Of Persia)

This one should be self-evident. Half of the Prince of Persia games have the word “sand” in the title, therefore it stands to reason that the material plays a part in the plot. This time, though, the sand is magnificent in and of itself.

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Step into the Sands of Time. This mythological substance has the ability to corrupt and change live creatures into monstrous monsters. Fortunately, this is not how Prince of Persia gamers utilize it. Instead, the eponymous Prince manipulates time by using the Sands (and the artifacts associated with them). He has the ability to freeze foes in place, reverse the time, and see many futures via hazy visions. These abilities are unusual in terms of sand capabilities, but they accomplish the job.

3. Kirby (Kirby: Return To Dream Land Deluxe)

The pink icon’s abilities are adaptable. They are absolutely dependent on what (or whoever) he inhales.Kirby might acquire a sword and armor, or he could spew fireballs. It seems to reason that sand-waving would be in the cards at some point.

Return to Dream Land, especially the Deluxe version, marks this moment. Kirby absorbs the reptile Sandran foes here. He may then create fists and wield sand waves. He can even construct sandcastles. The only disadvantage is that it must be swallowed. It’s never a good idea to have sand in your mouth.

The classic The Legend of Zelda hero, like Kirby, develops diverse skills based on the items he discovers. The Sand Rod is one of them. In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Link discovers this. He can use the magical instrument to conjure sand pillars from the earth and move stuff around. Rather than fighting, these abilities are mostly used for puzzle solving and platforming.

A Link Between Worlds elaborates on these ideas. The explorer in this game may fuse with the walls, flattening out for a revolutionary sort of movement. The sand columns he summons are among the surfaces he may merge with. In essence, he transforms his bulk into the salty stuff itself. This takes sand abilities to a whole new level.

5. Serpci (Luigi’s Mansion 3)

This villainess, who haunts players in Luigi’s Mansion 3, clearly has an Egyptian influence. Serpci naturally has sand abilities and a talent for molding it. She may shape it into a shield or project a colossal image of herself, ala The Mummy. But it doesn’t end with her.

Serpci may also bestow these abilities on her minions. He quickly gathers a swarm of sand snakes. These are much more effective than the ones from Game of Thrones. These serpents, inspired by spitting cobras, may shoot mystical sand at Luigi. Needless to say, he’ll need a larger vacuum.

6. Kukri (King Of Fighters)

The King of Fighters series has a diverse cast of characters, but Kukri got the short end of the stick in this regard. He grew up in a desert country’s rough streets.His sand abilities are too unpredictable to manage, and they finally kill his tutor, Dolores. Anger and remorse drive him to develop these skills.

That determination makes Kukri a lethal adversary in King of Fighters. He builds sandy springboards to launch himself into the air, launching a series of aerial strikes. He can also send a massive pile of sand cascading down on an opponent. Most impressively, he can summon clones to confuse opponents with sandy offensives. Such brilliance more than compensates for his previous failures.

7. Kan-Ra (Killer Instinct)

Kan-Ra follows the same pattern as Kukri, which is unsurprising considering their origins in the combat genre. A Babylonian monarch cursed the Killer Instinct character, decreeing that he would live eternally as a walking corpse. Because Babylon has a similarly tarnished image as Egypt, the zombie has a bevy of techniques that make use of the aspect.

These abilities let Kan-Ra stand out among the Killer Instinct fighters. He scatters sand traps across the arena, some of which include scorpions and spikes. He may also summon earthen waves to assault the region. If that fails, he can always self-destruct, turning himself into sand and harming everybody in his path. Many people see sand as frail and malleable, yet Kan-Ra renders it lethal to the touch.


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