Are AI Tools Fascinating You While Writing Essays? Why It’s Time to Stop!

Tools Fascinating You While Writing Essays

The demand for AI software is increasing day by day. Most people are using AI tools to eliminate their hurdles. Moreover, nowadays, students are using artificial intelligence to write their essays. By doing this, they don’t have to research, analyse, write, edit, or proofread their document. All is done with the help of AI software. But do you want to know why students are so fond of using AI tools? And why shouldn’t they use them in writing essays? No, so this post will help you understand both things. Also, this will give you a clear picture of why you should take an essay writing service from experts rather than using AI tools. But before that, know the mesmerising reasons for using AI software.

Know the Amazing Reasons Why AI Tools Are Used by Students in Essay Writing

There are so many open AI writing tools available online that can generate short texts and even long content per a user’s requirements. For example, ChatGPT is an AI software most commonly used by students nowadays to generate essays. So, to know the reasons that fascinate students about using AI tools in their work, consider:

It’s Trending

Yes, AI tools are becoming a trend among students in the UK. It is because this tool makes their work easy and quick. They just need to type in any topic on the field to acquire information about it. Moreover, if they want to generate a 200-word summary on any topic, they can also specifically enter that, and it instantly provides them with that much information. This is why it is trending because the tool provides content in a few seconds.

24×7 Accessible

AI software is accessible at all times to make your life easier. You can generate any content instantly, and you don’t have to wait to use these tools. You must visit their website and generate content about anything. But to generate unlimited content, you must buy its premium services.

Fun to Use

Yes, it’s fun to use AI tools. It’s like magic is happening on the screen; you are entering a word, a question, or a keyword, giving you plenty of information about that in the blink of an eye. That’s why this feature creates excitement among students and soon becomes an eye-catching tool for everyone.


AI writing tools are speedy and can deliver any type of content in seconds. You can get content on any topic quickly. All you should do is put your query or question in the given field and press enter. It’s all done and will instantly provide you with lots of information on that topic.


So many AI writing tools are available online, and a few are providing free credits to new users. After that, you have to buy their packages, which are too reasonable. However, most of the students find these tools affordable.

Can Write on Any Topic

Sometimes students get an abrupt topic for an essay. They prefer to get online essay help from these tools in such situations. AI tools can quickly generate ample content on any topic they can add to their write-up. This is why students like to use online AI writing tools.

Saves Time and Effort

You must write many essays on distinct topics when studying at a UK university. Therefore, repeating the same process becomes tiring and boring after some time. Also, students don’t have enough time to complete all their tasks. This is why, to save time, they love to get essay help from AI writing tools. These tools minimise their workload and give them enough time to work on their other priorities.

These are the reasons students opt for essay writing help in the age of AI. But everything that is trending has some benefits as well as drawbacks. Thus, following trends is good, but be aware of both aspects before using AI tools. Here is the list of drawbacks of using AI writing tools for an essay:

The Disadvantages of Using AI Writing Tools 

You should not use AI writing tools for academic writing tasks for many reasons. Therefore, before using such tools, you must also know their disadvantages. The pointers are enlisted below:

  • Low-Quality Content:

As a student, you always want a high-quality essay to submit to your professor. But you don’t get good quality content if you generate it via AI tools. It has so many issues like grammar, punctuation, readability, etc.

  • Plagiarised Content:

AI tools provide data instantly because all the information is stored in their database. This is why there are higher possibilities of plagiarism in the essays.

  • Lacks Creativity:

Getting help from artificial intelligence and expecting you will get human-like content is stupidity. AI-generated content never has creativity because it is auto-generated text.

  • Lacks Human Touch:

Taking help from human content writers and using AI writing tools gives you very distinct results. AI software can never give an emotional touch to the content. If you want emotions in your write-up, get an essay writing service in the UK from experts.

  • Rejected by UK Universities:

As a student at a UK university, you should be aware of the fact that professors are not accepting AI-generated content at any cost. So, if you are generating essays using AI tools, they will get rejected because the professors can easily detect them on AI detectors.

So, these are the few cons of AI writing tools. So, hire an expert if you seek anything, such as a law essay writing service. The reason is that they are experienced and have a huge knowledge of writing essays on any topic. Moreover, they always strive for the quality of the content. So, you should take help from experts rather than use AI tools. Therefore, from now on, when you need an essay writing service online in the UK, hire professionals without having any second thoughts. Their team of customer care executives are readily available 24×7 for your assistance. So, contact them if you want to hire an essay writer online.

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