Best Action Games for PC That You Must Play: At A Glance

Best Action Games for PC That You Must Play At A Glance

In this blog, I have listed some popular action games that can improve your action game skills. You can easily get such PC games from the Ocean of Games website. Because this website has 1000+ PC games and currently updates the latest PC games you can easily access them. Now let’s talk about these PC games.

1] IGI 2 Download for PC

IGI 2 Download for PC is one of the most popular Action games for Windows and Mac users. You can easily download this game for free at no cost and this game also supports windows 7,8,10 and 11. Before you download IGI 2 full version game ensure you have minimum system requirements like 128 MB of RAM and about 1.5 GB of hard drive disk space. This game offers players to wide range of weapons, storylines, characters, and stunning visual graphics. In the Project IGI 2 game, the player will fight with the enemy alone. Also, this game offers to play 19 thrilling levels when the player completes one mission then the next mission gets unlocked.

2] GTA Vice City Free Download for PC

GTA Vice City Free Download for PC is another excellent action game for Windows and Mac users that was developed and published by Rockstar. You know very well it is a Grand Theft Auto PC game series that is played by millions of active users. You can see a bigger city, a collection of various bikes and cars, Long periods Of 80s Style Radio, and other features. Before downloading this game you need 512 MB RAM and 800 MHz Intel Pentium III CPU to support it. Also, you can play on Android or iOS with some popular emulators like Bluestacks. In the GTA Vice City game, you can shoot anyone like police, and resident people, and steal their own cars, bikes, jeeps, trucks, helicopters, and more. So download GTA Vice City for PC only on the Ocean of Games platform. Which is the most popular PC games providing website.

3] Far Cry 3 Download PC

Far Cry 3 Download PC is a shooting action game for Windows users you can download it for free on the Ocean of Games website. Far Cry 3 download game is a first shooter game that you can shoot at your enemies. You can swim in the ocean and get some usable flowers and diamonds. You have to focus on Rook Islands which can be freely explored by the players. You have to escape in jungle and find enemies to win fast the current level, once you win current level next level will be unlocked. Also, chances to drive the boat, streamer, and helicopter in Far Cry 3 full version PC game.

4] GTA San Andreas for PC

GTA San Andreas for PC is another top-notch Grand Theft Auto series game that was released in the year of 2004. It is also published by Rockstar North. It can capture the hearts of GTA game lovers. You can explore the city on foot or by car, hijack vehicles, interact with NPCs, and even customize CJ’s appearance and skills. The attention to detail is remarkable, making the in-game world feel alive and dynamic.

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