Best Beaches of St Thomas Island: Explore the White Sand Bliss

St Thomas

Everyone likes to spend their vacation relaxing under the summer sun and a salty breeze. Spending time in the cool waters is the best way to reset for the coming session. So today, we bring to you the best locations in St Thomas. This USVI island is famous for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. So join us as we walk down the road of the best beach tours in St Thomas.

1.      Honeymoon Beach

There’s nothing better to start off our list other than this lover’s spot. The name says a lot about this place. It is famous for the most scenic sunsets around the island. Thus getting famous as the Honeymoon Beach. So it is the perfect place to spend time with your loved one. You can either relax on the soft sand or enjoy their many activities. So you can go kayaking or paddle boarding to make the most of your time here. This beach has a lot of restaurants to fill your belly when you get hungry from all those games.

2.      Dorothea Beach

If you like a more private experience, head out for this place. The Dorothea Beach is on the northern side of this island. This rocky beach gives you the perfect island feel. Thus making it a perfect private experience. And if you’re lucky, you might even get the whole place to yourself. This is great for people who love to watch the waves come in and go from the shore. This is a peace-lovers’ paradise.

3.      Smith Bay Beach Park

Coming to the eastern side of the island, let’s see what it has to offer. The Smith Bay Beach and Park are perfect for nature lovers. This beach and park have the most picture-perfect places. The park stretches over 21 acres of greenery. Thus, you can walk, run, play games, or relax under the cool tree shade. This is yet another place away from all the noise and crowd to give you the best relaxing experience. So you can enjoy a picnic in the park or go seashell hunting with your friends.

4.      Magen’s Bay Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches on St. Thomas Island. Why? It has the most pristine white sand and clear blue waters. This beach stretches almost a mile, giving you ample space to enjoy. The Magen’s Bay Beach feels like it’s right out of a vacation postcard. So you can enjoy swimming in the clear, warm water or relaxing on the powdery white sand. This place is also full of services like showers, rentals, restrooms, and cafes. So, no matter what you want, you’ll find it here.

5.      Buck Island Beach

If you’re up for traveling a little, then buckle up. We’re taking you just south of St. Thomas to Buck Island. It is a paradise for those who love to swim with the fish. This island has the best snorkeling spots and white sand beaches. It hosts the widest range of sea life. So you can swim along the coast in the clear blue waters with tropical fish. While you can’t enter the island as it holds the status of a protected wildlife refuge. Another view that you can look out for is the shipwreck just off the coast of Buck Island. It gives the perfect place for different sea life. And an even better view for you to look for.

6.      Brewer’s Bay Beach

Let’s come back to St Thomas and visit its southwest shore. Here lies Brewer’s Bay, right next to the airport. So you can even consider going there directly after you land. You’ll see many planes come and go while you lay in the sand. It has clean waters that let you easily spot sea turtles, vibrant fish, and eagle rays. Moreover, the slow slope of the beach makes it safer to swim and spend time with kids.

7.      Sapphire Beach

On the eastern coast of St Thomas lies the Sapphire Beach. The name says it all: this beach has the brightest blue waters you’ll ever see. So you can even see the neighboring island while you relax on this beautiful beach. The Pretty Klip Point is a must-go if you’re visiting this beach. It is the perfect place to swim with fish with your snorkeling gear. So gear up and head out to see the most beautiful blue waters at Sapphire Beach.

8.      Coki Point Beach

This beach has something for everyone; you’ll find it all from relaxing to snorkeling. This small beach is on the northeastern side of St. Thomas. This spot hosts the best watersport activities for you. So this includes jet skiing, paddle boarding, and even a dive center. They even have a snack and drink huts if you ever need to snack on something. After all, all the moving would make you hungry.

9.      Lindberg Bay Beach

If you like busier places and love chatting with the locals, this is the perfect place. The Lindberg Bay Beach is just west of the island’s capital. This beach has shallow waters, making it perfect for families with little children. It has clear, warm waters that make it a perfect swimming experience.

10. Vessup Bay Beach

It’s time to end our list with a very intimate spot. The Vessup Bay lies along the fishing village on the east end of St Thomas. Here, you can watch the ferry boats come as you relax at the beach. So it lets you enjoy lively music, barbeques, and weekend parties. So enjoy your vacation partying with the locals and enjoying the local cuisine.

Time to Dive In

Now that you know all about the best beach spots around St. Thomas USVI. It’s time to dive into those clear, blue waters. But don’t forget to book the best St Thomas Transportation Services to get to your beaches. So book your trip today with JS Miller Taxi and Tours and make your trip memorable.

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