Best Home Renovation Tips to Light up Dark Hallways

Many of the residents of a house have the problem of hallways with poor lighting, so we try to find the best solutions to end this problem through non-artificial light sources, for which, in turn, you get an important to improve the energy efficiency reform.

Overhead light sources

According to Orillia renovations experts, One of the most recommended options is to opt for an overhead light, which covers the length of the entire corridor.

If you have the possibility, you can take advantage of a renovation to open that gap through which sunlight enters from the roof.


Remove dispensable partitions

As happens when seeking to provide natural light in other rooms, in the corridor you can also resort to removing a partition that is not strictly necessary to open the space to the entry of natural light.

In this way, the sun’s rays can enter the hallway more directly and precisely to illuminate a dark hallway.


Use mirrors

Another element to take into account is the mirrors, since, placed correctly to reflect the sunlight in a room, you can redistribute it along the corridor and thus give another image to this cornerstone of the home.


Replace the walls with glass

If you consider that, in the case of your home, changing the partition for glass will allow you to enjoy more light in your hallway, this action can be a complete success.


Avoid closing the doors

Although it is very common for the doors of the rooms to remain closed, it would be best to leave them open so that the light from the windows is distributed throughout the corridor, illuminating much of its extension. However, use phillips digital smart lock Singapore if you need to lock and secure your home!


Low-consumption light bulbs

If it is not possible to take advantage of natural light, use low-consumption light bulbs.

There are homes or premises that, due to their nature or location, make it almost impossible for them to receive natural light.

In this case, to illuminate a corridor with the best energy efficiency, try to buy low-energy bulbs, which give a touch of lighting without spending excessively on the electricity bill.


Some other alternatives are:

Not only can luminosity be gained by optimizing this source, but this phenomenon can be promoted with other secondary resources:

  • Opt for lacquers and glossy surfaces: Furniture of this type reflects the light perfectly, contributing to the environment having the desired luminosity.
  • Bet on light tones:  Especially white, in the environment, including walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as furniture, since it will enhance the level of light in the entire space.
  • Glazed doors: Access furniture that incorporates glass is another of the most effective solutions for this task.
  • Light-colored floors: As with the walls, ceilings, and furniture, the flooring is another point to pay attention to to gain light in the space in which it is located.

These are some of the main proposals on how to give natural light to a dark hallway. It is advisable to have prior planning and a project, which specifies the characteristics of the new electrical installation.

To achieve the best results in this objective, we recommend that you go to a renovation company that studies the case of your home or premises and advises you on the best alternatives.

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