Bulletproof Your “No” to the Pressure of Sharing ADHD Medication

In follow-up to my series about sharing prescription drugs I’ll give you some guidelines for saying NO to the pressure of saying yes.

Have you ever been enticed to give away you prescription ADHD medication with anyone else? A temptation you nearly accepted? The nudges and teasing of your family and friends telling you to take a risk and do a reckless act once, and you think about the possibility of doing it. You may be feeling a bit tense and unsure of whether to stay chill and go with it, but are scared about the consequences. Do you have any similar emotions?

To find a logical solution to the questions above, we must be able to understand why people take this action in the first in the first. When you turn someone down with a no-no response may seem strange, as if you’re denying this person as an acquaintance.

Yes, it’s easy. It makes a person feel happy, and trigger dopamine and other brain chemicals that make you feel good. It’s in our nature to want to assist people and make them feel great too. For instance, consider the satisfaction of giving a gift to someone. Have you ever offered an item or performed things for somebody else, without receiving anything in return, and felt more content as if you had done something for someone and received something back? That’s because you release “happiness brain chemicals.” If you do something in a manner that helps others, you feel great.

It is part of our nature to to be a part of items that help us happy. Imagine how much fun it would be to be in a situation in which everyone is eager to be doing the same thing. It is expected to follow whatever the group is planning to do. A lot of people say yes to situations that are not in their realm of expertise. This is commonly described as peer pressure. It can be a potent force for good…or bad.

Let’s face the facts “No” stings and hurts. Reminisce about a time in your youth when you desired something, and then you were greeted with the “N-O” word. If you’re like me, N-O resonated in your head and then reverberated into your heart, with a little sensation of pain within your abdomen. You might have thought you were being shady enough if thing you wanted was significant enough or had a strong influence on your friends or coolness that you planned out a method to acquire it without even knowing. The letter N stands for NO. can have a lasting impact that many people do not wish to project onto others. We want to stay clear of the negative feelings we have for us and for others. Therefore, a “yes” mentality prevails in the majority of people because it is possible that we be oversensitive to what an no attitude is to us in a social context. A person could compromise their the values of their family and establish healthy boundaries. If you are a believer in a yes mindset can be detrimental to your mental health and leave you in conflict with your beliefs, and possibly in danger of putting you in legal trouble due to sharing prescription medication.

Establishes Your Inner Value Compass

If you’re a person who has convictions, it will influence your character and allow you to be in control of your own life’s outcomes. You will earn a degree of respect from other people by establishing clearly defined values and boundaries around them. The most important thing is to define your boundaries and remain in adherence to the boundaries.

Create your own style of communicating those boundaries using an aesthetic that makes the point clear. If someone asks you to go over the line, they will are aware of the answer that is always… No!

For instance, you could be polite and direct in your request to share your medication prescription in the event that someone asks you.

You could say, “I am not allowed to share my medication, but I can help you get in touch with my physician if you are struggling.” A referral is not a assure that you is diagnosed as having ADHD or given stimulant medications however it could help steer the conversation in the right direction. The final decision is made by a doctor. is able to make these decisions.

Another alternative is

“I hope this doesn’t offend you, but as a rule, I do not share my medications.”

Both of these statements provide examples of how you can accept the situation and set boundaries to safeguard your beliefs. Making clear your values to the person who is asking for permission to engage in a crime can prevent they coming back at you later. In my article Selling or sharing your ADHD medications, I recount an account of how students shared prescription medications to help a student study for an exam, which turned into a drug smuggling raid inside his college dorm.

It’s not easy to be a no-person. …. However, the advantages of defining your boundaries and your values are worth it!

Take a look at the actual costs of selling or distributing your prescription medicine. The cost could be worth it. Make it a point to find the example of saying no to those who ask for your prescription drugs. Here are some additional tips.

A friend might say, “C’mon man, IT IS ONLY 1 pill.” But the real price of the pill could put you in a amount of legal issues.

Find your voice and say,

“Let Me Hook You Up ……”

Your reply should contain the firmest of words that mean that you will not. You should say, “I don’t share my medications.” You could then provide alternatives for the individual. “But, let me hook you up with my awesome psychiatrist if you are struggling.”


“My psychologist is a great resource, if you are struggling, though; I will hook you up and text them to you.”

It is crucial not to apologize for your actions. It is enough to state it, and the more you repeat it, that and the more relaxed you will feel on your face. Keep in mind that your self-worth should not depend on you being a positive person, but rather the opposite. Being aware of your values and setting the boundaries you set will boost your self-worth and display your personal responsibility and maturity.

Here’s another resource to develop powerful ways to assist you in saying”NO!. Select a few options that you like and practice them until you feel confident about it and at ease when you are asked.

“You put me in a very uncomfortable situation. I’m not happy about the situation.”

“Wow. I’m shocked that you’d want to take any of my medications.”

“If I give you one of mine I will run out before I go to the doctor again.”

“My parents are the ones who count my pills. They’ll be able to tell when I’m not taking one.”

“I’m limited to a handful at one time by my doctor. She’ll be able to tell whether any are missing.”

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