Exceptional Quality: Case Price and Ace Equipment

Exceptional Quality Case Price and Ace Equipment

Despite their unique focus, Case Price and Ace Construction Equipment have a critical similarity: a dedication to excellence. Case Price is your one-stop shop for low-cost, high-quality equipment cases that will keep your valuable gadget safe.

On the other hand, Ace Construction Equipment specialises in building large machinery that can withstand the rigours of a project site. What unites them is a commitment to providing dependable, cost-effective solutions. 

Both brands prioritise providing exceptional customer value, making them standout options in their respective industries.

Case Price and Ace Construction Equipment have you covered when it comes to protecting your equipment or developing future infrastructure.


The CASE CX 220C LC is designed with industry-leading specs, increasing work efficiency. The Excavator model from CASE is one of the best construction equipment for heavy loading activities. You can get the CASE price in India and all of its features right here.

Its engine has a maximum torque of 132 NM and 157 HP. This engine also adds a new dimension to work production. The hydraulic system of this machine is rated at 2 Lpm.

The ability of this model to reach a total height of 6650MM allows for the greatest digging depth.

Its operational weight is 22220 kg. CASE’s functional weight increases its efficiency in difficult building projects.

ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader

It is another popular model frequently endorsed by specialists due to its outstanding performance. For example, the working weight of 8040 kg ensures that the machine can easily handle bigger loads and duties.

Furthermore, the 1 cum bucket capacity allows for the effective transport of complex materials in a single pass. Moreover, thanks to its maximum reach height restriction of 2600 mm, operators can ensure increased efficiency on the job site.

Furthermore, the hydraulic oil capacity of 80 ltr contributes to increased work efficiency. This ACE construction equipment is reasonably priced, ranging from Rs. 23-31 Lakh.

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