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Family Solicitors in Peterborough

We understand that every one of our customers has unique requirements. Our experts will take the time to learn about your situation so that we can provide you with legal counsel that is specifically tailor to your needs.
Businesses and individuals alike can take advantage of our many offerings. To learn more about how Family Solicitors in Peterborough can assist you.

Attorneys Handling All Aspects of Law Family Solicitors in Peterborough

  • Including Marriage, Adoption, and Divorce

Family law attorneys in and around Peterborough can assist you with a wide range of family-related issues. This includes a wide range of situations, including but not limited to: adoption, divorce, domestic violence, civil partnerships, name changes, paternity concerns, and many others of free legal advice.

The Family Solicitors in Peterborough are well-versed in the nuances of family law and can effectively represent you in any relate case. Since some Peterborough businesses focus on specific services, it’s best to check with multiple to see if any can help.

Discussing Prices Up Front can Help you Determine if They Provide Legal Aid and your Eligibility for It

Keep in mind that Peterborough council is typically excellent at offering support, but there are a multitude of organizations in and around Peterborough that may also offer guidance and help with all sorts of concerns surrounding Health and Social care.

Several national organizations, such as “Action for Children” and “Family Lives,” are available in the United Kingdom to assist you with the difficulties involved with some family law cases, in addition to local councils and family lawyers.

Legal Counsel for Families

Our compassionate and knowledgeable family law team serves clients throughout England and Wales and can help with concerns such as divorce, property, children, adoption, and finances. We have over 60 family law attorneys on staff, so you can be confident that we have the proper expert for you. All of our attorneys are committed to alternative dispute resolution methods, and we have a number of Resolution-accredited attorneys and collaborative law experts on staff.

We provide a specialized service that is suite to your specific needs, but we are upfront about the cost, giving you piece of mind and making it easy to budget for.

We handle a wide range of family law issues, including:-

  • Divorce
  • Relationships between people of the same sex and the end of civil unions
  • Custody, support, abduction, adoption, care proceedings, and Special Guardianship are all areas of law that pertain to children.
  • Harassment and violence within the home Orders of Possession and Injunctions
  • Concerning Money When Living Together, Splitting Up, or Divorcing.
  • Divorce-related court applications
  • Contracts of Separation
  • Contracts Made Before or After a Marriage
  • Declarations of Name Change
  • Surrogacy

If you need assistance with your divorce or separation and any related child-related issues. Belinda is a fully qualified collaborative lawyer who will advocate for this method of conflict resolution in the event of a divorce. Remember that if you and your partner are not married, but are living together, you can protect your future interests by entering into a Cohabitation Agreement.

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