Get Enchanting Eyes in Seconds: The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Stickers

double eyelid sticker

While we believe all types of eyelids are fabulous in their own way, there is no harm in doing a little experiment to get enchanting eyes. Several people use eyelid stickers nowadays to achieve the enchanting eye look they all dream of. There are several different types of eyelid stickers, and double eyelid stickers are one of them. 

This article will walk you through an ultimate guide on using a double eyelid sticker to get the enchanting eyes of your dreams. 

What are Double Eyelid Stickers? 

A double eyelid sticker, also known as double eyelid tape, is a narrow strip-like sticker creating creases on monolid eyes. It is a modern eye-makeup product enhancing or deepening the natural folds on your eyelids. Double eyelid stickers are suitable for all types of eyelids, mostly popular among people with thicker eyelids. 

What are the Different Types of Double Eyelid Stickers? 

Here is a list of different types of double eyelid stickers commonly available in all makeup stores. 

    • Single-sided Eyelid Stickers: These stickers have adhesive on just one side and are generally visible if you close your eyes after pasting them. 
  • Double-sided Eyelid Stickers: This type of sticker has adhesive on both sides, giving a more seamless look than single-sided stickers. Moreover, these stickers are not visible once you apply them since they get hidden under the skin. 
  • Rolled Eyelid Stickers: With distinguishable features of a bandage, these stickers are not available in a pre-cut way like other double eyelid stickers. Before using rolled stickers, you need to trim them as per your desired thickness and length. 
  • Double Eyelid Stickers with Smooth Silicone Texture: Generally, all traditional double eyelid stickers have this smooth silicone texture. Although these are good for the skin, stickers with silicone textures do not fit well with makeup. 
  • Double Eyelid Stickers with Lace Textures: Such double eyelid stickers blend easily with makeup and have a net material texture that is less visible on the skin. 

How to Use Double Eyelid Stickers? 

Here is a general overview of how to wear single-sided and double-sided eyelid stickers in a few easy steps. 

  • Single-sided Eyelid Stickers 

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to wear a single-sided eyelid sticker flawlessly. 

Step 1: First, use a cleansing oil or solution to remove all dirt from your eyelids before pasting a single-sided sticker. This ensures a long-lasting effect of the adhesive. You can also use a makeup-removing liquid instead of a cleansing oil. 

Step 2: Take a pair of tweezers and gently press their back onto your eyelids with caution to form an ideal crease. 

Step 3: Once you have marked the crease line on your eyelids, you can use the tweezers to paste the sticker below the mark. 

Step 4: Open your eyes to ensure the eyelid sticker is tucked seamlessly under your skin. 

  • Double-sided Eyelid Stickers 

Now that you know how to apply single-sided eyelid stickers, let’s take a look at the guide on how to stick double-sided ones too. 

Step 1: Clean your eyelids with a water-based makeup remover or cleansing solution. 

Step 2: Peel off the white sticky paper from the back of the double-sided eyelid stickers. 

Step 3: Tap down the sticker from its upward-facing adhesive side with a tweezer or prong. 

Step 4: Pick the tape and pinch it down slightly, forming a gentle curve. 

Step 5: Mark the crease line on your eyelids. 

Step 6: Paste the double-sided sticker gently with steady hands on the crease line, maintaining the curve. 

Step 7: Slightly reduce the pressure on the prong or tweezer and use your fingers to press over the skin simultaneously. 

Step 8: Open your eyes to ensure the sticker is securely placed. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Double Eyelid Sticker? 

Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a double eyelid sticker.


  • It is a temporary and easy way of getting the perfect crease line for enchanting eyes.
  • Skin specialists use double eyelid stickers as a test product before eyelid surgery. 


  • The adhesive of some stickers can cause irritation to people with sensitive skin. 
  • Since most of the stickers are visible, they might give an unnatural look. 

Although unnatural, a seamless blend of eye makeup with double eyelid stickers can give you the enchanting look of your dreams. The eye-makeup products of Flower Knows suit well with double eyelid stickers if anyone is seeking recommendations.

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