Getting Crafty – Design Your Own Watermelon Wreath

Watermelon Wreath

Getting Crafty

Design Your Own Watermelon Wreath

It’s never too early to start decorating for Christmas. Well, except if you’re one of those boring people who don’t decorate until Christmas Eve. Anyway, if you have been wondering how to get creative with decorations this season and save money, you’ve come to the right place.

A watermelon wreath is a classic example of a festive wreath. Its color scheme, materials, and design are iconic. It fits in seamlessly in any setting and virtually any season. It is one of the most popular wreath designs, and in this post, I’ll show you how you can make your own. Let’s get started.

What is a Watermelon Wreath?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s explore what a watermelon wreath or wreath in general is. Wreaths are decorative items that are generally made from organic materials and are used to decorate doorways, rooms, and places during festive times. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be as diverse as there are people.

The watermelon wreath, in particular, embodies the colors of the watermelon, which are red, green, and dashes of black and white (Same colors as Christmas, in case you didn’t notice). They are made of various items such as real watermelons, mint leaves, and various other fruits.

But why watermelons? Why would anyone make a wreath out of those? People have been using fruits and vegetables as decorations for centuries. Watermelons represent the refreshing breezes of summer, and their colorful themes are synonymous with fun festivities. It’s no wonder why these have become so popular over the years.

Designing a Watermelon Wreath

I think I have made you wait long enough. We should really be getting started. Before we begin, it is important to note that wreaths come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The design we’re sharing is not the only one of its kind, but it’s easy to make. If you want ready-made festival wreaths, then check out Festivus Festoons. Let’s dive in!

Watermelon Wreath

Items you will need

You will need these items before you start creating your wreath. Make sure you buy them beforehand. For this design, you will need the following.

  1. Evergreen swag (28 inches)
  2. Watermelon sign
  3. Multi-ribbon bow
  4. Glue
  5. Craft mat
  6. Florist wire
  7. Assorted flowers and greens

Let’s get started. Follow the steps outlined below. These are just some guidelines you can use to understand the process rather than strict rules. You’re always welcome to innovate and make changes if you like your idea better.

Step 1

The bow and the sign will be the focal point of our little arrangement. The bow can be made out of four ribbons of reds and greens, with sprinkles of black and white in between. The bow should be finished off with the florist wire, which you will have to attach to your swag. You can place the bow at the top of the evergreen swag.

Step 2

Next, we attach the sign. You should punch a hole in the sign and thread the wire through it. You should use the wire to attach the sign to the evergreen base and secure it. The sign should be placed below the bow so they complement each other rather than distract from one another. But it’s your wreath so you can use your imagination, too.

Step 3

The design should be coming together nicely right about now. However, we need some touch of green and more decorative elements to tie everything together. We can use the floral petals and greens here and sprinkle them around the wreath. Experiment with different colors to see what looks best in your home. This will add further depth to it all.

Step 4

Now, we add some ribbon streamers in the empty places towards the bottom. You can use a 10-inch ribbon and fold it to make a 5-inch loop. You can repeat the same step and make another 5-inch loop the same way. Use different prints in an alternating pattern to decorate the entire bottom to make the multi-ribbon bow for the bottom.

Step 5

Now, all we have to do is add some much-needed finishing touches. You can add additional greens and flowers to really bring out the colors in the wreath. You can use the craft mat to cut out small, cute shapes of fruits and watermelons. You can even add bee cutouts and other small things to make it look even better.

Let’s get decorating

Now that you have finally made a watermelon wreath, you aren’t going just to leave it, are you? The best thing about this kind of wreath is that you can decorate your home with it with ease. You can put it here, or there, or anywhere.

If you want your wreath to look its best, we picked out some of the best and most complementary areas you can decorate with your wreath. Whether it’s your front door that needs something extra or you want to spice up the kitchen, these will do just fine. Of course, windows and mantlepieces go without saying. Let’s explore all of them now.

Decorate your doors

Wreaths are used to decorate doors all over the world. You might find a wreath outside someone’s front door during Christmas, but the wreath we just made can be used during any season. It might suit the wintery wonderland atmosphere of December, but its tropical colors suit July all the same.

These wreaths make for a welcoming sight for parties, outdoor barbecues, or family reunions. They convey a sense of hospitality that you want to deliver as soon as people reach your door. You can attach the wreath you just made to your front door with a special wreath hanger, although any adhesive hook will do the trick just the same.

Your kitchen has never looked this festive!

Kitchens are another place where wreaths feel right at home. They’re a great addition if you spend much time cooking and want to look at something delightful while doing it. They’re not just pretty, either. They can be a functional decoration as they can add a fruity aroma that will elevate your cooking experience.

You can hang the wreath you made on one of the kitchen walls or a cabinet door to add more color and a little summer flair. That’s not all. If you feel a bit peckish while cooking, the fruity watermelons on the wreath can be a reminder to eat healthy. It’s not much, but it counts, right?

A watermelon wreath makes for a wonderful mantlepiece

A wreath can serve as a focal point of the entire room you put them in. That’s why adding one over the mantlepiece is such a consistent trend. Placing a wreath here can be a great choice for summer decoration and make the place feel more welcoming than before.

Of course, a wreath won’t be the only thing you’ll be using to decorate, right? Use the wreath you just made to complement the rest of your living space. The colors and texture can complement a lot of home décor designs that you might find on the internet. Even if you’re a minimalist, then a wreath on its own doesn’t look half-bad, either.

It looks great on the windows, too!

Window decorations are underrated. There aren’t many good options apart from curtains. What if you want to decorate your windows while also being able to SEE out of them? For that, you should consider decorating them with wreaths. They’re a playful way to exhibit the summer spirit and welcome the winter chill.

The best thing about placing wreaths on windows is that when sunlight passes through the windows, your room will look exquisite. The colors and floral patterns create an eye-catching display for all who gaze upon it. It looks just as fabulous as it sounds, and I can’t recommend it enough. You should definitely experiment with this.

Best season to decorate using a watermelon wreath

Over the entire article, I have made references to different seasons and how a wreath we just made can complement them. While winter is often the go-to season for people who enjoy festive home-décor, this particular wreath is different. Due to its watermelon theme and tropical colors, we have to give a point to summer for this one.

These wreaths look and feel their best when the sun is shining, and the vibrant colors are in their full glory. Whether it’s the Fourth of July or a family barbecue, these festive wreaths are the best way to celebrate the summer.

Getting a ready-made watermelon wreath

Well, there you have it. We not only made a watermelon wreath together but decorated our home with it, too. That’s fantastic. However, what if you can’t spare the time to make a wreath yourself?

For that, we have to recommend Festivus Festoons for high-quality wreaths made from natural materials. Their designs are well-made, affordable, and just plain awesome. Check them out for your summer decorations!

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