Go With The Fireboltt Smartwatch Comes With SPO2 Sensor


The Fire-Boltt smartwatch has been launched in the country by Fire-Boltt. Multifunctional health monitoring and sports modes are included in this budget device from the company. The Fireboltt ring colegia smartwatch is designed with a circular design, featuring a circular dial with a metallic finish and two crowns.

In terms of pricing, the Fireboltt Smartwatch is available in the Indian market for Rs 2,499. Today is the start of the sale of the wearable, which is available on Amazon India. In addition to White, Rose Gold, Blue, Black, and Green, it is also available in five other colours.


  • Resistance to water according to IP67
  • A scratch-resistant and dust-proof surface
  • Using Bluetooth for calling
  • A multi-sport mode is available
  • Long battery life
  • The SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) monitor measures the amount of oxygen in the blood.


A Fireboltt Smartwatches has a circular shape and a flat surface. Lightweight and available in black, teal, and grey colors, the smartwatch is designed to be comfortable to wear. There are 240 x 240 pixels of resolution on the watch’s 1.28-inch touchscreen and 265 pixels per inch of pixel density.

You can use the smartwatch for an extended period without interruptions due to low battery issues, thanks to its battery life of up to 8 days. There is a standby time of up to one month on the battery. In addition to Bluetooth, the watch also supports Bluetooth Calling but lacks GPS functionality.

UI interface

Despite being very similar to the Fire-Boltt Beast, which we reviewed recently, the Fireboltt Smartwatch has a few differences auz100x that make it work on round screens. While the smartwatch itself does not resemble the Apple Watch at all, it’s heavily inspired by that company’s watch OS.

In addition, there are quick settings icons and a bubble-style app drawer. Sliding and tapping are the only ways to access all the features. You can wake the screen by pressing the button, but you can also wake the watch by raising your arm.

Phone Mode

This hands-free device allows you to use your smartphone using the Fire-Boltt watch ‘Phone’ mode. The watch will appear as a Bluetooth audio device once you enable it through the watch app or settings menu, allowing you to pair it with your smartphone and connect to it wirelessly.

Activating this function also activates the phone settings in the watch itself, letting you view the call log, access the dial pad for making direct phone calls, or select one of eight pre-configured contacts (these can be chosen through the app).


As well as being compatible with Android and iOS, the watch is also water-resistant. Therefore, the Fireboltt ring smartwatch can be used by any smartphone owner. In addition to supporting music, the Fireboltt Smartwatch smartwatch doesn’t have an inbuilt camera. As well as cycling, football, skipping, walking, etc. Dynamics 365 CRM consultant gives advance features to your gadgets.

The watch also offers a Multi-Sports mode. This watch is also water-resistant to 1 meter with an IP67 rating. As well as being dust-proof, the watch is also scratch-resistant. Alarms, timers, and stopwatches are the watch’s basic features.

Sp02 function

A multi-sport mode is also included on the watch for activities such as cycling, walking, football, etc. Furthermore, the smartwatch features fitness features such as a SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, blood pressure monitor, as well as calorie and step counting. A timer, alarm clock, and remainder are other features of the watch.

SpO2 monitoring, heart rate monitoring 24×7, a sleep tracker, and other features are included on the smartwatch. As well as fitness features, the Fireboltt Smartwatch wearable includes calorie counters, steps counters, distance counters, etc. As well as that, there are many other games to choose from, such as 2048 and flappy birds clones.

Daily organizer

Although the Fireboltt ring smartwatch has been launched, its battery is still a secret. Aside from weather updates, music control, female health tracking, and water reminders, it also includes other features.


Time and other details are prominently displayed on the home screen, and the companion app allows you to select a watch face that suits your tastes – more on that in a moment. A swipe to the left displays the app drawer, a swipe to the bottom unveils your unread messages, a swipe to the right activates the built-in tools and health monitors, and a swipe from top to bottom displays the quick settings shade.


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