How to Get Rid of SOS Only on iPhone?

Get Rid of SOS Only on iPhone

iPhone users are widely increasing, and one common query the users are having is how to get rid of SOS only on iPhones. SOS only is an indication that you are outside the usual operating range, and generates an emergency alert. The way to fix enabling SOS mode is to move back to your possible and nearest coverage areas. And if you still do not get rid of it, switching to aeroplane mode can help you in this case and you can restart your iPhone as well as the ultimate option.

Whenever the users face any issues, and accidentally press multiple buttons on the iPhone the SOS Only mode gets enabled, but don’t worry as turning off SOS on iPhone is equally easy, but if turned on you might face some inconvenience in making further calls or messaging from your iPhone. 

What is “SOS Only” Mode

This phone mode “SOS Only” comes as a warning message and enables emergencies for iPhone users. It mainly means that only emergency numbers like 112- Europe, 100 – India, etc. can be dialled during the SOS Only mode of the iPhone. You will not be able to dia to any standard numbers in this mode as a normal call. 

You won’t be able to use the phone as normally as most of the functions will not be accessible during this mode. So most iPhone users wonder how to turn off SOS on their iPhone, even if you are having the latest version of your iPhone 14 still you might wonder how to turn off SOS on iPhone 14, which is common, so in this blog we are going to tell you the complete method how can you get rid off sos only on iPhone.

Method To Get Rid of SOS Only on iPhone

If you want to fix SOS on your iPhone then you can follow these simple methods to get rid of it, by following below methods. 

SOS Only is a failsafe feature that is for the safety of iPhone users to act quickly and save them from any mishappening. 

  1. Move to range- If you move to the carrier’s network range then you can normally get out of the SOS mode, this will indicate that you are in your zone.
  2. Flight mode – You can try switching your phone to flight mode once and then after a few minutes switching back to normal mode
  3. Reboot the iPhone – It is the easiest way to get out of SOS Mode, you have to just switch off the iPhone completely and then switch it on.

It is possible that in the areas where you are getting normal signals your phone still gets stuck in SOS mode, in this case as well by using the above methods you can easily disable the SOS mode. 

The iPhone services of calls and messages will not be used by the user during SOS mode, but still, the user can normally use the watch functionalities with crash detection as they may show the “SOS Only” warning, but could not stop the functionalities. Apple has a feature for users’ safety so that if they are stuck they can communicate with emergency contacts as fast as possible. For more help you may also visit

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