How to keep your Turquoise Jewelry look like new and long lasting?

Turquoise Jewelry

The “December Birthstone,” regarded as the world’s finest and oldest gemstone, is a representation of unselfish love, serenity, and safety. It is admired all over the world for its opaque beauty, which is complemented by a variety of colours that vary from light blue to pale green. It should go without saying that the waxy brilliance and the matrix, the host rock from which turquoise is carved, give turquoise jewelry a heavenly and divine beauty.

Turquoise is one of the most precious and expensive semi-precious gemstones on the market, along with opal jewelry. You would need to pay between $100 and $1500 to embellish its enduring beauty and Elegance. Well, given its seductive beauty, every penny is deserved. Turquoise is one of the most elegant and beautiful jewelry stones and keeping it clean and taking care is also equally important as buying it.

Check out these 5 insanely amazing ways to keep your Turquoise jewelry Look like new

Polish Your Turquoise Jewelry

Being quite versatile, Turquoise jewelry is something that most jewelry lovers will end up adorning on several occasions and parties, from birthday celebrations to formal events. In such cases, that sparkling jewelry will be touched by the wearer a plethora of times. Also, blemishes can play a potent role in deteriorating the shine and shimmer of your silver jewelry.

Well, to prevent your silver ornaments from such tarnishing, simply switch to polishing your Turquoise jewelry often. All you will need for this task would be a polishing liquid and a polishing cloth which you can easily procure from any jewelry store or even online. Or for your convenience, you can go for a micro-fabric cloth.

Avoid using paper towels or tissues as their roughness can damage the silver coating of the jewelry which leads to some drastic effects on your jewelry. Just a couple of wipes and you will be left spellbound on seeing how beautiful this thing will work.

Wash Your Turquoise jewelry

Well, after a couple of times, you have worn your Turquoise jewelry, you will notice that mere wiping will not serve the purpose anymore as the dust and dirt particles could get stubborn. Also, if you’re not wearing those silver jewelry often, you might not realize that when a layer of dirt will get formed on the surface of the silver, which can bring disaster for you.

For such instances, washing your silver jewelry in a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing soap will help the jewelry get rid of those signs of tarnishing. But you need to be a bit cautious while doing so, as ruthless pressure can damage the jewelry. Also, make sure that soap should be free of any ammonia and phosphate. Dry your jewelry with a micro-fabric cotton cloth and see the magic with your own eyes! Avoid household cleaners. The same type of solution can also be used for washing opal rings.

Store Your jewelry Properly

Washing and polishing come secondary, what’s going to be primarily important for the long-lasting quality of your Turquoise jewelry would be how you are going to store it.

Tarnishing usually occurs when the silver is exposed to air. Although you can’t avoid this exposure, still you can compensate for this effect by ensuring that you are paying adequate attention to how and where are you storing your jewelry.

Always keep them tightly packed in a zip lock or an air-tight bag. Make sure it does not have any breakages which can be an entry for the air. For extra care, always keep jewelry in separate bags so that they won’t end up scratching against each other.

Yet another alternative could be to simply store your jewelry in a low-humid place. To absorb the extra moisture, put a big of charcoal or chalk. Just remember, the durability of your silver jewelry entirely boils down to how effectively you are going to store it.

Go For a Professional Cleaning Service

Yeah, homemade cleansing solutions and hacks are indeed a great approach to keeping your Turquoise clean and shining. But nothing can beat the efficacy of professional cleaning.

After a certain period, you might need to take your silver ornaments to a jewelry store to get them cleaned. Even if you have got a scratch on it (Turquoise can be quite light), professional work can reverse that.

One of the most effective techniques used by jewelers globally, to clean jewelry and gemstones like moonstone, larimar, moldavite jewelry, etc. is ultrasound cleaner. This device uses high-frequency ultrasound waves that penetrate that additional layer of dust. And tarnishing from its very root and give an even alluring shine and shimmer to Gemstone.

Wear Your Turquoise Jewelry

Jewelry is meant to be adorned and worn. So, the best safety practice, of course, is to woman more. The natural oils secreted by our body will keep the silver fine and sorted if the custom silver jewelry remains in contact with our body most of the time. Just ensure to clean it often as and when you realize that it has been penetrated by outside particles. And you are good to go!

Wrapping Up

Here is the checklist that will be your only guide to keeping your Turquoise jewelry always high on shine and elegance:

  • Regular Polish them

  • Don’t forget to wash them

  • Store them in air-tight packing

  • Go for professional cleansing

  • Wear them as much as you can

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Happy Shopping!

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