How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

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If you have a friend’s birthday coming up but don’t want to stay up late, you can schedule a pre-written WhatsApp message. The same method can be used for other events too. Using third-party apps to automate messaging may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service and can result in account bans. However, using the Shortcuts app to schedule messages is perfectly fine.

How to Schedule a Message

If you’re a business owner who uses WhatsApp to engage with customers, you may be interested in knowing how to schedule a WhatsApp message. Whether it’s to wish a customer a happy birthday or to remind a client about an appointment, it can be very useful to schedule messages ahead of time.

Although WhatsApp doesn’t have a native scheduling feature, there are some workarounds you can use. One method involves using a third-party app called Shortcuts on iPhone. Open the app and select the Automation tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Create Personal Automation”, then choose a date and time for the automation to run.

Another option is to use an external platform like Privy. This mobile-first CRM works with GB WhatsApp Business API and offers a variety of other tools for managing communication with leads and clients. Best of all, it doesn’t break WhatsApp’s Terms of Service like many other third-party apps do.

How to Schedule a Group Message

While there is no built-in WhatsApp message scheduler in the app, you can easily automate the messages by using third-party apps such as SKEDit for Android phones. However, you need to give the app access to your phone and disable the screen lock for it to send automated messages on WhatsApp. This is risky and isn’t recommended for devices with sensitive data such as investments or banking.

For iPhone and iOS users, Siri Shortcuts allows you to schedule WhatsApp messages. You need to download the shortcuts app from the App Store, open it and create a personal automation to schedule a group or broadcast list message.

Creating an automation is easy, but it may not work as expected if you restart the phone or force quit the app. To prevent this, you should always keep WhatsApp and Shortcuts active to ensure that the scheduled messages are sent. You can also edit an automation by going to the Shortcuts app, tapping Automation and turning off Enable this automation or deleting it.

How to Schedule a Broadcast List Message

There’s no legal way to schedule GB WhatsApp Apk messages without using a third-party app. However, the official WhatsApp Business app does offer some automated features like “greeter messages” and setting “away messages”.

The downside is that these messages are not personalized at all, which is important as 66% of consumers only engage with businesses that personalize their communication.

Thankfully, the community has found an alternative workaround. You can use the free app SKEDit to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android. To do this, download the app from the Play store and grant it accessibility access.

Upon opening the app, you’ll see a menu asking you to select your contacts. Select the contact you want to send a message to & tap next. You will then be prompted to set a time & date for the message to be sent. At the scheduled time, you’ll receive a notification from the Shortcuts app with your message pasted in the text field.

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