Know the Telegram Icons and Their Meanings

Know the Telegram Icons and Their Meanings

Telegram is a very famous instant messaging application that people use these days for fast conversations in real time. All the users using the application can easily communicate with each other using the features present in the application. One of the most famous reasons why Telegram is such a famous application is because of some unique and brilliant features that the application has. 

The application has a unique interface with distinct icons and symbols that can be problematic for people if they do not know the meaning of these symbols. To use the application in the correct way, people need to know the meaning of all the icons and symbols that are present in Telegram which is why in the blog, we will be covering all the major icons and symbol on telegram so that you can easily use the application for chatting with people. 

What is the meaning of Telegram Icons?

Just like the icons present on a computer screen, the icons in Telegram also represent certain functions that are important in the application. These functions might be easily known to people or they might not be known to people however, the majority of people using the application are not familiar with the symbols on telegram which is why here, we are going to explain all the symbols that are of utmost importance in the application. 

Every icon in the application has a special meaning which makes the usage of the application easier for people. Users can simply press these icons when they want to perform a function if they know the meaning of all Telegram symbols. 

Major Icons and their Meanings in Telegram 

There are different screens in the application where you will find different icons that serve different purposes in the application so if you are also interested in getting to know them then, you need to read the information that we are giving here. 

Chat screen Icons 


The Pin icon is one of the most famous and used icons as it allows users to pin a conversation or chat at the top of their chat screen in the application. This simply means that if you have a conversation pinned then, this conversation will not be removed from the top of the list no matter how many messages you receive. 


If you see a number inside a circle in front of the chat of a person or a group then, this number refers to the number of messages that you have received and not read from the other person or on the group. 


The Speaker icon is a very important telegram icon as there are a number of people who use this icon. The icon is used when people want to mute some friends or groups on the application to make the application less irritating by stopping the notifications associated with the chat or the group. 

Apart from these major icons, there are a lot of symbol telegram that are important for people like the rotating clock or the single check which people can know about on the website

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