Natural Health Guide – Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji Berry


Cell enhancement 


The wolfberry has an orac value (oxygen extreme cell enhancement limit) of 3,290, making it one of the top superfruits. Plus, it’s packed with cell-boosting nutrients and minerals, combined with powerful phytonutrients, making it a valuable weapon in your ammo stash during your detox or detox journey.  Vidalista 60 mg and Vidalista 20 mg medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. 


A recent report by bucheli p et al. Found that daily consumption of goji berries increased levels of cell-activating zeaxanthin by 26% and raised the overall cancer prevention cutoff by as much as 57%. Ta. This review included healthy older adults who drank a milk-based goji berry drink for 90 days. 




With more than 40% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin a in one serving, goji berries help protect against all possible age-related eye conditions. Vitamin an is known to contribute to eye health. Vitamin an not only tones the retina, but also adapts the eye to changes in light, keeps the eye moist and promotes night vision. The aforementioned zeaxanthin has been shown to protect the retina from the harmful effects of light. 


Permanent frame 


Goji berries contain a proprietary blend known as wolfberry polysaccharides. Studies have shown that these blends improve the body’s resistance to disease. It is also rich in l-ascorbic acid, which is essential for the body to fight disease (both bacterial and viral). White platelets contain many times more l-ascorbic acid than other cells and require continuous recharging to maintain a safe balance to reach ideal limits. 


Wolfberry berries support the immune system by promoting the development of beneficial microbes in the stomach. These contain prebiotic fibers that take care of probiotic microorganisms, thus improving the resistance of the immune system. 


Liver health 


Science now confirms the importance of goji berries for liver health. These have been found to contain betaine. Betaine is a natural synthetic compound that has been shown to reduce fat accumulation in the liver. For this purpose, goji berries are included in liver cleansing tonics and detox programs. 


Balance blood sugar 


With a low glycemic index (gi) of just 29, goji berries are one of the few great natural products that diabetics can enjoy. There are also some studies that show that goji berries do not cause blood sugar spikes and that goji berries can have a significant impact in relieving insulin blockade. 


Folklore and history 

Tang writer liu junxi (618-907) praised the wonderful effects of this spice in his sonnet for goji. Even water from wells near plants is believed to help people live longer. Li shujun, one of the most famous botanists and healers in chinese history, mentioned goji berries in his famous 1578 book, fundamentals of pharmacopoeia. He found that the people of nanzhong liked to eat goji berries, and that almost all of them were centenarians. General use 

The wolfberry has been loved in china for a long time. Used as a general health tonic for over 6,000 years, it dates back to 250 bc. Thank you for the courtesy of emperor shennong’s book “Shennong ben cao ren”. 


Goji berries have been used to treat everything from liver support to male weakness, premature graying and eye problems. One of the more recent “Ancient” discoveries, the wolfberry is experiencing a renaissance in the modern world, with various parts of the plant being used in teas, paints, creams, energy bars, and more.


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