Reviews for (U2W Plus) Carlinkit 2.0 Wireless Adapter Dongle for Wired Apple CarPlay

Before buying the wireless carplay adapter for your vehicle, you need to seriously consider its features. We have received a lot of positive reviews, and we will excerpt part of the content and share it with everyone. We know that some websites may make fake reviews Carlinkit CarPlay Coupon, but please rest assured that our reviews are all true – It’s from the app, and all “verified”.

“I am stunned this works this great.” By Todd

This thing is magic. Based on other reviews I knew it would work but I was expecting some drawbacks and connectivity issues. A week passed and I haven’t really found any.

First, I am using this with a 2019 VW Atlas, an iPhone 11 Pro Max on iOS 14. Initial set-up was easy and as instructed. Functionality is effectively the same as plugging it in except that is takes about 10-20 seconds longer to connect v. plugging the phone directly in. So instead of being on CarPlay before I pull out of the driveway, I have to wait until I have already pulled out (convenience is worth this).

Audio on calls, music and podcasts is prefect. Same with navigation. There is a delay in switching music tracks that are playing from Apple Music (maybe a second or two). I always had a slight delay (even when plugged in) so this was not solely introduced by the device but basically slightly aggravated.

Overall this was a great purchase for the price. So great I am buying a second for my wife’s car.

I should also note, iOS 14 made some great under the hoods changes to CarPlay – notably you can now use your phone hotspot while connected to wireless CarPlay – this does make the initial connection to CarPlay slightly longer (maybe 10 seconds).

“You don’t even notice this device is in your car…and that is a good thing” By Bernard

So I bought this device for my Audi that came with a wired Carplay cable. And even though it seems like it isn’t a big deal to just plug in a cable each time you get into your car, I think for most people they won’t even bother. They will just listen to the radio, or play pandora through bluetooth, and they will save plugging in when on longer trips requiring GPS.

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This device is what solves this issue.

From the moment I turn on my car it takes just a bit less then 30 seconds for my CarPlay home screen to show up on my Audi screen. So it’s very quick to boot and connect. From here it works just like it’s wired. From the sound quality, to the lag, etc it feels just like I’m plugged in but my iPhone is still in my pocket.

From here I can use Pandora, Spotify, or Iheartradio. I can bring up Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze. And I have Siri for phone calls, texts, and other quick questions. And Siri is much better to use than the built-in Audi voice command.

I’ve used this for longer multi hour trips so far and didn’t even have a hiccup. I like that now I just keep my phone in my pocket and in 30 seconds I have access to all the best apps/voice command I can use while driving.

At the end of the day I don’t even notice I have the small device hidden in my center console…and that is a good thing.

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“Fantastic solution” By Christopher

it is very convenient to have an automatic wireless connection when you get into the car. Very important then is the fact that it does not damage the batteries of the phone, when you first had to connect it to the cable.

“Great Product! Was skeptical at First.” By Albert

When I first got the Carlinkit 2.0 I was a little skeptical, but was willing to give it a try. At first it had some audio skipping issues, and had connection issues when using Waze. No problem though because they do regular updates, and there was an update available. Followed instructions to do the update, and bam, issues went away. It takes a second when you start the car to connect, but if you are patient it auto connects and you are wirelessly using CarPlay. I own both a 2020 Explorer ST with the 10.1 Inch screen, and a 2020 Expedition with the regular Sync Navigation screen. I regularly move it between the vehicles and it works great. Hope this was helpful.

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“really fine” By Juana

It arrived in 15 days, it works perfect even with iOS 13. I have an android radio, impeccable the product complies with everything that the manufacturer indicates.

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