Sirona CBCT: A Comprehensive Guide

With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Sirona CBCT cone beam imaging systems have become indispensable tools for dentists seeking detailed three-dimensional imaging of the oral and maxillofacial region.

Today, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and applications of Sirona CBCT systems and imaging technology, showcasing how they can enhance diagnostics and treatment planning.

Superior Image Quality: Sirona CBCT systems offer exceptional image quality, allowing dentists to visualize the smallest anatomical details with clarity and precision. High-resolution imaging ensures accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment planning across various dental specialties.

Versatile Applications: Sirona CBCT serves a wide range of applications, including implant dentistry, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, and more. From evaluating bone quality and quantity for implant placement to assessing complex anatomical relationships, Sirona CBCT provides valuable insights for enhanced treatment outcomes.

Multiple Field of View (FOV) Options: Sirona CBCT systems offer a variety of FOV options to cater to specific clinical needs. Dentists can select the ideal FOV size for each case, minimizing patients’ radiation exposure by keeping to the ALARA principle while capturing the necessary diagnostic information.

Integration with CAD/CAM Systems: Sirona CBCT seamlessly integrates with CAD/CAM systems, facilitating advanced treatment planning and the creation of surgical guides, digital impressions, and restorations. This integration streamlines workflows, enhances precision, and promotes efficient collaboration between dental professionals.

Patient Comfort and Safety: Sirona prioritizes patient comfort and safety in their dental cone beam systems. With fast acquisition times and open designs that reduce anxiety, patients can undergo imaging procedures with ease. Additionally, Sirona implements radiation dose optimization techniques to ensure patient safety without compromising diagnostic quality.

Advanced Software and Visualization Tools: Sirona CBCT machines are accompanied by powerful imaging software and visualization tools, enabling dentists to analyze images, measure anatomical structures, and simulate treatment outcomes. These tools aid in precise treatment planning, implant positioning, and orthodontic treatment simulations.

Customer Services & Support: Ask your dealer about support with your Sirona CBCT digital imaging system purchase. Sirona is one of the leading manufacturers known for providing quality customer service and support. Access to resources, software updates, and technical assistance allows for a seamless integration of Sirona CBCT into dental practices.

Save 30% to 50% Off a Sirona CBCT System

Did you know you can save 30-50% off a CBCT system, including brands like Sirona? Certified pre-owned dealers can often find you current and previous generations of the most in-demand CBCT brands, saving you money and helping you get started with 3D imaging as quickly as possible.

For over 10 years, Renew Digital has been the leader in certified pre-owned dental X-ray imaging equipment. They have a wide range of pan/ceph systems, as well as CBCT and intraoral scanners, all from the leading brands dentists trust – including Sirona, Planmeca, Carestream, i-CAT/DEXIS, Vatech and many more.

They back the quality of your pre-owned equipment through a rigorous system of testing and inspection, and then give peace of mind with their comprehensive parts and labor warranty so you can be sure the equipment they install will work safely and effectively for many years to come.

They provide full-service installation and training and project management services, just as you would receive if you purchased a new machine.

Reach a dedicated sales rep by calling Renew Digital at (888) 246-5611 or completing an online form. Your rep will work with you to determine how your equipment will be used, where it will be placed, and match you to the brands and models most likely to work within your configuration (including considerations like network/electrical as well). From purchase through installation, they’ll provide you with 5-star rated customer service.

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