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Studying abroad is one of the best experiences that students have in their lives. So many of us plan to study in a foreign college. We imagine our lives to be so different when we finally go and settle abroad. We all have a long list of things we wish to do when we reach our dream college. But is it enough to have a list of only the ‘to-do’s’ while going abroad? The answer is, no. Study abroad consultants in Gurgaon suggest students should also know the things that they should not do when they go abroad.

10 Mistakes That You Should Not Make While Studying Abroad

Here are a few tips given by experts after careful consideration. Read the below-mentioned tips to know the common mistakes students make while studying abroad.

Missing the Orientation Session

First and foremost, one mistake most students make while studying abroad is to miss the orientation session. A student needs to attend the orientation session of the college. It helps him to know more about the college. In the orientation session, students are introduced and welcomed to the college. They are made familiar with the different places on the college campus. The teachers and faculty help new students to understand more about the varied courses offered in the college. Therefore, study abroad consultants in Gurgaonadvise students to not miss the orientation session.

Not Developing English Skills

Another mistake students make while studying abroad is not developing their English skills. It is one of the most important things a student should prepare for while planning to stay abroad. A student needs to have a good command of the English language. He should be able to both write and communicate well in the language. Students can easily develop their English skills by practising well before leaving for college. There are a lot of books and study materials available offline as well as on the internet. Students should focus on learning new words and try to communicate with their friends and family in English. It helps in mastering the language in a short period. Moreover, it leads to building more confidence and makes staying in a foreign country easy.

Avoiding Campus Activities

Thirdly, students often commit the mistake of avoiding campus activities while studying in college. Students should remember that going to a foreign college involves studying as well as participating in other college activities. It helps students to gain more exposure and develop their personalities. Moreover, it helps in developing new connections with different people in college. Participating in different college activities also gives students a chance to enjoy other things apart from academics. Students can also become a member of various clubs and committees in the college. It helps students learn new things and make the best out of their college years.

Not Creating Connections

Another mistake that most of the students make while studying in a foreign college is avoiding connections. Some students try to avoid getting involved in social circles and prefer staying alone. Moreover, some students even fail to create professional relations with people in college. It is not a good thing. Students should try their best to make social as well as professional connections in college. It is vital to be a part of a social circle and interact with other people. A professional group also help in the career growth of students and allows them to build more and more connections. Therefore, students should focus on building new connections with as many people as possible.

Non-Utilisation of Available Resources

When a student goes to a foreign college, he is offered many resources throughout his study abroad journey. He should make the best use of all the resources provided to him. Many colleges offer student passes to international students. These can be used to get many benefits while living abroad. Moreover, it can also help in saving money and buying things for a lesser amount. A student should also use the college resources provided to him. Furthermore, there are platforms like Gradding.com, which can introduce students to agents like study abroad consultants in GurgaonStudents can also take their help to find more about the resources they can use to have a good time in a foreign country.

Studying Without a Plan

The next mistake that students should avoid is studying without a plan. Students need to have a study plan based on their syllabus. Students should set daily targets to cover while they study. It helps in managing time and getting good marks. Planning the study schedule also allows students to make time for other activities. Moreover, it makes them consistent about studying and makes it easier to cover the syllabus. Therefore, students need to plan their schedule before studying.

Not Maintaining a Record of Expenses

Another thing that students forget while living abroad is to maintain a record of their expenses. Students should set their budget every month and follow it strictly. It helps in managing finances while living abroad. Moreover, overseas education consultants in Gurgaonsuggest students should also limit their expenses. Living in a foreign country can be expensive for students. Setting a budget helps save money and makes it easier for a student to live in a foreign country.

Eating Unhealthy and Compromising Diet

Students should also avoid eating unhealthy while living abroad. They should focus on their diet and eat healthy. Shifting to a different country and going to a college abroad can be stressful. Therefore, students should try to maintain their diet and focus on being healthy. They can also take some time for meditation and yoga. Moreover, they can engage in physical activities to stay fit and active.

Not Asking for Help When Needed

Study abroad consultants in Gurgaonsuggest that students should not hesitate to ask for help. They should feel comfortable to ask as many questions as they want when needed. They can talk to their friends as well as faculty if they have any doubts regarding the college, studies or the country as a whole. It makes everything clear in their mind and makes them feel comfortable. Therefore, students should not feel shy to ask for help.

Not Exploring the Country

Last but not least, students should try their best to explore the country they live in. They should go out more and explore as much as possible. They can visit nearby places like parks, museums, and other famous locations in the country. It helps in gaining a lot of knowledge and provides exposure to students. In this way, students get to learn more about different cultures and make new friends. It is one of the best experiences of living abroad as a student. So, students should explore the country to the fullest!

Words to Conclude

These are a few mistakes which students make when they go abroad for higher education. Overseas education consultants in Gurgaon advise students to not make these mistakes and make the best of their time in a foreign country. It is an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets in their life. So, students should read these tips carefully and get ready to go abroad to have the best experience.



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