The All-Time Greatest Open-World Games


Open-world games, whether single-player or multiplayer, tend to get a lot of attention. On paper, the genre seems to be excellent since these projects may keep a consumer interested for months. In actuality, the quality and scope of these releases vary greatly; more crucially, greater is not necessarily better.

The year 2023 is shaping up to be an interesting one for open-world games. Starfield, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora are just a few projects that might go down in history as the finest open-world games of all time. What does their competitors resemble?

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat

Because the games are separated into hub locations rather than being placed in a continuous map, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. can only be defined as open-world. They do, however, include genre-defining aspects, and Call of Pripyat is probably a superior open-world experience than Shadow of Chernobyl. Players are provided (eventually) access to three big locations (and a few smaller ones) throughout the campaign, and they are given relatively free license to explore these zones as they see appropriate. Call of Pripyat’s setting is appropriately dismal, with survivors not just in low supply but also spending the most of their time alone and alone.

Call of Pripyat, like other S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, is rough around the edges, which might be off-putting to novice players who are just getting into the series. Having said that, they are amazing in their own right, with some of the most suspenseful atmosphere in the post-apocalyptic genre. Despite the fact that the 2010 version was featured in this conversation, novices should start with Shadow of Chernobyl.

2. Dead Rising

Capcom has provided no indication that Dead Rising will return anytime soon, a result of the franchise’s fourth entry’s mixed reaction. The franchise, which pays tribute to classic zombie films, is known for its sense of humor, diverse weapon system, and free-roaming nature. The first three numbered editions, as well as Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, all have their strengths, and Dead Rising 3 wins out in terms of scope and minute-to-minute fighting; nonetheless, the original game is still undoubtedly the most stunning overall experience.

Frank West is trapped in a mall with a few other survivors and a swarm of flesh-eaters. To complete tasks, the journalist must dash across the area while transforming random things into zombie-killing weapons. The main campaign notably employs a timer that compels Frank (and players) to be frugal with their time, thus this is an open-world game that penalizes needless exploration. As infuriating as this method might be, it fits the plot.

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3. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has been in early access on Steam for almost a decade. Typically, this sort of conduct is not a good indicator, but there are exceptions to every rule, and this is one of them. Project Zomboid takes set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the walking dead, as the title suggests. The game pushes players to live as long as they can, which is easier said than done.

Although there is a plot to follow, it is mostly a supplementary feature that gives some direction and is not the primary reason to play this open-world survival game.Project Zomboid does an excellent job of creating a live, breathing environment that evolves over time as the infection spreads. The title’s visuals cannot compete with AAA projects, yet it is still appealing enough to not be annoying.

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4. Gothic 2

Piranha Bytes has focused on open-world games since the early 2000s, providing as an AA alternative to its peers. While the studio’s releases are janky and ragged around the edges, they have their charm, and 2022’s Elex 2 is undoubtedly Piranha’s most comprehensive bundle. However, Gothic 2 from 2002 has a particular place in many people’s hearts.

Gothic 2, as cute as the title may seem in this day and age, was a significant and ambitious release back in the day. Khorinis is a fully developed universe that allows players a great deal of creative leeway in constructing their journey, and this part of the game stands up well.

Gothic 2’s The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos mod is also excellent.

5. Dying Light

While Dying Light 2 Stay Human might be said to be among the finest open-world games, its predecessor is often considered as the better game, especially the Enhanced Edition that contains The Following DLC. The survival game by Techland takes set in Hassan, a city that has been confined owing to an infection. On paper, this isn’t a very novel zombie game premise; nonetheless, Dying Light nails its environment, characters, and gameplay.

Hassan works well as a sandbox since it is densely packed and somewhat distinctive. However, what distinguishes Dying Light from other open-world games is its emphasis on parkour. Simply told, the game’s mobility is excellent, and the map makes full use of it.The Following introduces a whole new place to explore, and it is just as excellent as Hassan from the main game.

6. Death Stranding

Death Stranding, directed by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid, depicts a post-apocalyptic planet bereft of human civilisation. While there are a few towns, this version of Earth is mostly a bleak wasteland, and the game focuses on conveying a feeling of isolation via gameplay and presentation.

Sam is tasked with distributing parcels throughout the United States while simultaneously attempting to establish up a communication network in order to kickstart humanity’s comeback.Death Stranding is an acquired taste; the campaign moves at an almost meditative pace while offering sprinkles of Kojima’s hallmark narrative.

7. Subnautica

The surroundings of Subnautica and its sequel, Below Zero, set them apart from other open-world projects. Except for a few areas, the games are mostly set underwater, which is a brilliant creative idea. Subnautica is a survival game set on an extraterrestrial world that invites the player to explore the waters to their heart’s content. This voyage has both beautiful scenery and terrifying encounters, while also delivering pieces of mythology and story beats.

Unknown Worlds created a continually unexpected playground that actually seems alien, in keeping with the studio’s name. Both Subnautica games are fantastic, but newbies should begin with the first before venturing on to Below Zero.

8. Shenmue 2

Shenmue and its sequel were tremendously ambitious undertakings that tested the Dreamcast’s capabilities to the breaking point. They shaped the open-world genre by completely immersing players in their locales, and Shenmue 2’s representation of Hong Kong is especially remarkable. The game’s slow-paced nature and sim-like elements might be dismissed as dull rather than enjoyable when seen through a contemporary perspective, but its attention to detail is still impressive all these years after.

Many open-world games have an emphasis on quantity and instant pleasure, rewarding players with trinkets and side missions for every action they do. There’s nothing wrong with it, but Shenmue 2 isn’t that kind of game. Its primary goal is to make Hong Kong’s neighborhood seem more authentic than sandboxes based around the protagonist’s activities.

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