The Epic September Apple Event Updates!

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Apple is a brand of glitz and glamor; nothing beats the heat of Apple technology news that spices up social media annually. This year, 2023, Apple is bestowing a new collection of gonna-be hot-selling models of iPhone, Mac, and even Apple watch! The billion-revenue brand will release new software upgrades that will unleash obvious bug fixes, speedy and refreshed features, and security upgrades. The following releases are expected for this prestigious Apple Event 2023! Make sure you reach there also with a broken iPhone because iPhone repair companies will be there also, offering services at rock bottom cost.

iPhone 15 Range

iPhone 15 and its pro models are the most anticipated ergonomic smartphones yet to be released. The USB Type-C, MagSafe, glass back, and 5G network compatible models will also feature refreshed camera sets, epic periscope lenses with zoom-ability, and Vision HDR modes. The storage capacity will top 512 GB, and with A17 Bionic super processing chipset, the iPhone 15 will surpass the version of f its ancestral ranges. The iPhone 15 range will cost from $899 to $1050 for simple and pro models’ starting prices, respectively! The iPhone 15 Pro models feature better processing chips and have vast color schemes as well. The software upgrade soon to be unveiled will solely improve the customizability features for iOS!

Apple Watch 9

The Apple Watch refresher model is on the go, but users have found the Apple Watch Ultra the top best; nothing compares to its durability hence hopes are high for Watch 9 to have resistance, durability, IP68 water, dust, and scratch resistance for more than 30 minutes and some cool night mode, lock screen and sound features.

MacBook Air 15.5” inch

It is hoped that the MacBook Air 15.5” inch will be released this year, 2023, in September, Even though there is only one M2 MacBook Air under Apple’s latest Mac collection. The specs for this model are still unknown, but Apple lovers know how Apple loves surprising users with something at every event! The Macbook Air 15.5, as the name suggests, will be bigger and consist of heavier storage, smoother functionality, and a bright visualized display screen. The MacBook repairs and services come under Apple Repair Services, but credible sites like frphonerepair are also a great option to get the job done under a cost-effective budget.

MacBook Pro M2 Ultra Chipset

The latest upcoming MacBook has an ultimate boosting chipset/ processor that features a wonderful 24-core CPU, up to 76-core GPU, and minimally 192GB RAM that will enable the laptop to perform legit multi-tasking, media output, faster and more proficient usability accesses. The MacBook Pro M2’s first version was released last year; the M2 Pro and M2 Max are two hot-selling Macbooks for sale today and are available on credible sites, even on!


The iPhone 15 range is the major hype about the Apple Event in September 2023. Since the technology is beginning to cost more than ever, so will the device repair services, spare parts, accessories, and whatnot. Let’s hold on to this tech-addict rollercoaster to see what we get this year!

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