The History and Evolution of the Necktie

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Ties are the little pieces of cloth hanging around our necks that express our personality. Especially in professional environments, neckties help us look professional. They are an essential accessory to formal clothing. We feel like gentlemen whenever we wear a tie because it enchants our looks.

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But how did the ties become a part of men’s fashion? Well, there’s a bit of history behind it. Let’s dive into it to find out.

Who first wore them?

Historians say that the first time ties were worn by the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang and his royal staff in the 2nd century BCE. He had a giant army of terracotta who would protect his tomb.

But they weren’t worn by the people of China at that time. Historians think that because they were only by the soldiers of terracotta, it could have been some sort of an army badge. Those neckties were found on their terracotta sculptures.

They were worn mainly by soldiers:

Neckerchiefs were used in the Roman military, and among some people, it was kind of an unpopular trend at the time of 113 AD. Those neckerchiefs were known as “Sudarium,” meaning “sweat cloth” in Latin.

They were used to protect the necks from dust and cold. But they were a part of the military uniform of the Romans. In the beginning, ties were popular among soldiers.

Later in the 17th century, neckties were used by Croatian mercenaries serving in France who wore those ties. It was during the thirty years’ war. The neckerchiefs were small, which the soldiers would wear around their necks. They were commonly known as “cravat.”

Then it began to transform into fashion:

The French king Louis XIV was fascinated by the idea of wearing those neckties. He made it a fashion accessory to wear in his court among royal staff.

That adoption spread like a fire in Europe and turned into a sign of power, elegance, and wealth. This cravat-named necktie underwent evolutions over the centuries in its fabric and style. Napoleon Bonapart also wore the cravat in the Battle of Waterloo and other occasions.

In the 18th century, the fabric of the cravat was replaced by a stiff leather collar supporting the neck and head. It was then changed with soft linen folding into a narrow strip and being wrapped around the neck.

The 18th century was the era of revolution in the society of Europe and America, as well as social and political change. With men’s fashion drastically evolving, neckties became a hot trend, worn by gentlemen and people of high status.

The 20th century and neckties:

20th century further influenced and revolutionalized the necktie fashion. The necktie went through more revolutions to match the drastically changing society.

Instead of being worn by gentlemen, it became a permanent symbol of professionalism in the business world as employment shifted to offices.

Jesse Langsdorf was the guy who invented a new way of making ties in the 1920s. He cut the cloth diagonally and then stitched it together in three pieces.

Making ties easier to wear because they were now able to bounce back to their original shape after being worn, unlike the old ties that would get wrinkled and twisted.

By the time it was the 1950’s, ties were more popular, thinner, accessible, and easy to wear. Of course, the neckties were updated and redesigned by famous fashion designers.

By the 1990’s, ties became a necessary fashion in the business world. Now today we wear those ties when going to offices all the time. But not just in offices, we wear them on other occasions and weddings.

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Final Words:

Did you find the necktie history interesting? It’s incredible how they were of different types and worn by military soldiers, then became a permanent fashion for gentlemen and business. Wearing a tie helps you look more formal, professional and grabbing attention towards you.

A tie can make you look trustworthy and respectable. Wearing a tie also helps you look cool and handsome. Make sure you keep a bunch of ties to wear with your suits!

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