The Importance of Proper Foot Care and Choosing the Right Shoes

Feet directly influence the healthy mechanism in our bodies, thus we cannot deny the importance of buying comfortable women’s shoes. Our shoe selection must align with our feet’s size, shape, and strength. In Pakistan, there is a rise in women’s footwear online stores.  So it is crucial to consider some factors before choosing shoe brands in Pakistan for ladies.

Randomly selecting shoes just to stay trendy can cause trouble, especially for working women choosing the right shoes is non-negotiable. Shoes made from synthetic leather shoes for women are perfect for office ladies. In this article, we have elaborated on the most important factors you must consider before buying any shoe. This will help you in selecting the most comfortable women’s footwear for your important events, and you can walk with confidence.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ladies’ Shoes Online 

Shoe Size

The first and foremost factor to consider is obviously a perfect shoe size according to your feet size. Choosing unsuitable working women’s shoes can cause you a lot of problems and can alter the shape of your feet. Moreover, you will feel uncomfortable and frustrated throughout the whole time wearing that shoe. The best tip is to try on both shoes and walk around to make sure they are not irritating. According to a survey, right-handed people have a dominant right foot, so it is always better to try on both shoes.

Foot Shape

Everyone has different and unique foot shapes, so you need a shoe that perfectly complements your foot shape. Whether you are buying ladies’ causal shoes or working women’s shoes, you must consider your foot shape. For example, you can buy shoes either for overpronation or underpronation. Pronation means your foot rolls inward. 

It can be the result of wearing heels or court shoes that lack proper arch support. Likewise, consider factors like narrow, wide, and flat feet. So always keep in mind the sole support before buying women formal shoes or shoes for office-going ladies.

Shoe Material

Shoe material is one of the most crucial factors that cannot be ignored if you want healthy feet. Shoes and boots made from cheap materials can badly affect your foot health and shape. They can cause infection, swelling, pronation, and in some cases, bruises. Material-wise, synthetic leather shoes for women are the most durable and comfortable material for any kind of women’s shoe. 

Similarly, loafers and heels made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyurethane are also breathable and lighter. So always choose ladies’ shoe brands in Pakistan that let the air circulate around your feet. You can prevent sweat and bacteria by choosing shoes that offer proper ventilation and moisture management.


Cushioning is a factor that we often overlook while considering a perfect working women’s shoe. Cushioning in shoes provides shock absorption, softness, a padding layer, and comfort. This factor helps to reduce the discomfort and irritation when you wear shoes for a long time. Choosing adequate shoes prevents stress on your ankles and knees and prevents injuries. 

Simultaneously, a shoe with suitable cushioning properties helps to minimize the impact of repetitive motion on your feet. Buy shoes that have a midsole layer or footbeds. Some special shoes made for athletes or runners have extra heel cushioning to absorb strikes and shocks.

Heel Height

Every woman has the desire to wear heels and walk with confidence. Many women think that they cannot wear heels for a 6 to 8-hour function or any meeting. But the truth is, a heel with proper cushioning factors, premium material, absolute height, and moisture management properties pushes the limit. Considering these factors, you can wear your favorite heel pair for a long time.

These factors depend on the height, material, and sole of the heel. Consider heels that have accurate pressure points, arch position, posture, and ankle position. If you are an office-going lady and love to wear heels, it is suitable to buy wedge heels. This heel type offers more stable soles than stilettos, thus providing you with the best ankle position and arch posture.


How do I choose the right level of cushioning?

The main purpose of cushioning is to absorb shock and provide comfort. So the level of cushioning you look for in your shoes depends on your needs and activities. If you are buying shoes for jogging or running, a shoe with a higher cushioning level is better.

Which type of shoes are best for daily use?

Generally, it depends on your personal needs and preferences, but casual sneakers, ballet flats, and sandals are the best women’s shoe options to wear daily.

What type of shoes are best for wide feet?

Open-sided shoe styles are ideal for women with wide feet. Because these types of shoes provide a more relaxing and breathable experience than closed-toe shoes. So if you need a bunion at the width point, go for open women’s shoe styles.

How do you measure the feet size at home?

Measure the size on an inch scale with the help of a ruler or measuring tape. Take the measurement from the tip of your longest toe to the heel.

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