Tips to look for the best AC price in India before purchasing it

A good air-conditioning unit is enough for Indian homeowners to resist the summer heat. It not only keeps the home environment cool but also makes it clean and pure. However, it is crucial to choose the right Air Conditioner for your home to make the deal advantageous. There are extensive varieties of air conditioners available in the market. So, making a careful choice is necessary, especially for AC price in India. With the arrival of the summer season, the prices of ACs usually elevate to the peak. Hence, it is vital to have complete research before you invest your money in this appliance. With ample options flooding the market, knowing how to choose the right Air Conditioner gives you insight for better decisions.

 Compare prices of different AC units

 It is irrefutably true that many companies are advertising their Air Conditioner units in the Indian market. But all are not the same to deliver quality, performance, and the right service. So, it is vital to seek the best air conditioner brands to meet your requirements. The best way is to check and compare the prices of the air-conditioning units. But here is a twist related to your specific needs for Air Conditioner during summer. There are several factors that you need to consider while choosing the right Air Conditioner such as:

  •   Size of the room
  •   Star rating of AC
  •   Type of air conditioner
  •   Air conditioner capacity

 Without keeping in mind these crucial aspects, you cannot make a valuable decision.

 Know the AC price in India from reputed dealers

 Again, when the price of Air Conditioner is a prime factor, you should not make a decision solely. It is always good to ask price for each unit that you are supposed to spend. As an example, the price range for the best air conditioner brands may range anywhere from 35K to 50 K. So, what fits your budget is important to know before you make an investment. Below are some useful tips to follow while choosing the right AC.

  •       Choose between window/split/portable AC

 Among these three types of ACs, window Air Conditioner unit is considered low-priced. It is a single wall-mounted unit that consumes less power to deliver cooling. However, it is specifically good for small-size rooms only. But, if your area is wide, split Air Conditioner is the right to choose. It is by far more expensive than a window unit but can deliver more cooling for a sizeable area. Another one is portable AC which you can move from one place to another. On average, portable AC price in India vary from 25k to 30k per unit. 

  •       Capacity of AC

 By considering AC capacity, you can witness a real difference in AC price in India. A unit with a 1-ton capacity is less expensive than a 1.5 or 2-ton capacity. But, if you use a 1-ton Air Conditioner for a large room, it won’t make your spending worthwhile. The AC cannot serve its wholesome purpose efficiently to cool the space. Whereas, 1.5 or 2-ton AC can easily cool a large space. So, you need to keep this consideration in mind while choosing your budget. 

  •       Note the star rating of AC

 Best air conditioner brands often have 5-star ratings which makes them energy efficient. A 3-star AC consumes more energy to cool the room as compared to a 5-star. Thus, more energy consumption means large utility bills. So, in order to save more in the future, always consider a 5-star rating for air conditioning.

 FAQ: Which time of year is good to buy an AC?

 The end of winter is the best time to purchase an air conditioner. This is mainly the off-season of the year and retailers often provide discounted offers of ACs. So, you can seek lower AC price in India to grab a great deal.

 To sum up

 Buying an AC this summer can prove a great investment of the year. But you need to be familiar with AC price in India to make a worthwhile decision. There are additional features like turbo mode, sleep alarm, and 4-way swing in ACs to add to its price. So, always make a purchase after having complete insights. You can also ask for the EMI facilities offered by top AC dealers. 



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