Top Fashion Influencers in India

Top Fashion Influencers in India

Top Fashion Influencers in India

Fashion has been a part of civilisation since ancient times. It is used to express cultural and individual beliefs. Fashion has evolved, adapted, and wholly transformed with time, shaping personalities and identities along the way. According to Statista, India’s fashion and apparel market revenue is expected to reach $16 billion and $96 billion in 2023, with an annual growth projection of 13.48% and 3.34% CAGR (2023–2027), respectively. 

Fashion has successfully adapted to ongoing trends and has stood tall among innovations, advancements, societal changes, and global exploration. Earlier, designers and fashion houses were the ultimate sources of the latest fashion trends. But there has been broadened access to fashion insights since the increased universalisation of social media. It has helped people showcase their skills and spread their influence globally. These influential personalities are known as fashion influencers and contribute to the popularity of certain fashion trends.

India is home to some of the top fashion influencers of varied ranges, including micro, nano, and macro. From traditional heritage and different cultural gems to modern street style and sustainable fashion, these fashion influencers can showcase various fashion-forward content. Additionally, they partner with an elite influencer marketing company that provides all the support and planning needed to execute successful campaigns.

Fashion influencers significantly influence the choices and purchasing behaviour of their audience. Therefore, below are the names of some renowned Indian fashion Instagram influencers for you to check out and stay ahead of trends with them.

List of Top Fashion Instagrammers in India

Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is among the pioneers who brought a revolution to the fashion industry when she brought the then-alien phenomenon of fashion blogging into the picture. She is among the top Indian fashion influencers because of her outstanding commitment to providing the best in everything she posts. She keeps increasing the challenge for herself by literally delivering visually alluring content one after the other.

Her Instagram feed is filled with mesmerising looks that one cannot help but emulate. Through her promising outfits and impressive video presentation with all the perfect transitions, she has garnered an engagement rate of 5.76% and average views of 3 million on Instagram. She has also been constantly partnering with brands such as Lakmé and Vaseline and styling for different designers at India Couture Week.

Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, aka That Boho Girl, has more than 8 years of experience in the fashion industry. What started as a passion for fashion inspired her to portray it to the world and make a living out of it. With her excellent styling skills and fashion sense, she has placed herself among the top fashion Instagrammers in India.

Kritika has built a sacred community of fashion enthusiasts who support her no matter what. Thus, she gets awarded by several organisations and platforms for her work; for instance, she received the Times 40 under 40 Award. With an engagement rate of 4.22% and average views of 404K on Instagram, she has signed deals with brands like Pure Sense, Redmi, and Maybelline NY.

Rajvee Gandhi

Scrolling through Rajvee Gandhi’s feed is a blessing to the eyes. Her super cute and chic outfits are a massive reward for her followers. If you are a fashion enthusiast seeking a medium for all the latest fashion trends, classy outfits, and traditional Western wear, follow her on Instagram immediately.

Rajvee has positioned herself as one of the best fashion Instagrammers in India, with an average of 93K views and an engagement rate of 1.92% on Instagram. Her bold, colourful fashion choices are what make her viewers keep visiting her profile again and again. Also, she was awarded Innovative Fashion Creator of the Year by PinkVilla and MadInfluence.

Jubin Shah

Jubin Shah is into different niches, such as fashion, modelling, fitness, music, and gaming. Through diversified content, he has established himself among the top fashion Instagram influencers in India. He is active on multiple social media platforms, among which Instagram and YouTube are prominent.

Through his entertaining content and engaging audience, Jubin has gained a massive following, with an average of 10K views and an engagement rate of 0.99% on Instagram. He has bagged collaborative deals with different niche brands like Ponds, Beardo, and Gillette.

Diipa Büller-Khosla

Diipa Büller-Khosla is one of the most beloved Indian fashion influencers and has taken her role as a social media influencer very seriously. She works closely with niches, including fashion, styling, lifestyle, societal changes, etc. She uses various social media platforms, especially Instagram, to bring about necessary changes within specific niches.

Her fashion style is so luxurious, chic, and on point that it’s hard to take your eyes off her. Diipa has inspired so many young women to follow the path of fashion and build a secure community of fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts. With her mind-blowing looks and stunning outfits, she has accumulated an engagement rate of 2.37% and average views of 162K on Instagram.

Aayushi Verma

One thing that is very clear about Aayushi Sharma is her obsession with Traditional outfits, in which she looks breathtakingly beautiful. She is never off the fashion and media trends and thus has positioned herself among the most renowned Indian fashion Instagrammers.

Aayushi has garnered a loyal and interactive audience, which reflects in her posts. For instance, her birthday post received about 214K likes and 1K comments in just 24 hours. With her constant presence and interaction with her viewers, she has an engagement rate of 15.34% and average views of 625K on Instagram.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is undoubtedly one of the top Indian fashion Instagrammers and constantly showcases her love for fashion on Instagram. From receiving the 2023 Times 40 under 40 award to sharing screens with big Bollywood names. Dolly has never failed to astonish her followers with her looks.

She has a distinct way of fusing comedy with fashion. Her various character skits are fun to watch and helpful for getting ideas for your next outfit. She has captivated a substantial following with her bold, ethnic, and cute looks. With average views of 2 million and an engagement rate of 9.84% on Instagram.

Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Sharma identifies as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, model, musician, songwriter, composer, traveller, and entrepreneur. Through his breathtaking looks and outfits, he has earned a place among the top Indian fashion Instagram influencers.

Anirudh has a great sense of fashion. That is reflected in how he dresses and is a source of serotonin for his audience. He has become a fashion icon and inspiration for the youth, and many people follow him for styling ideas and the latest trends. With an engagement rate of 7.15% and average views of 506K. He successfully leveraged deals with brands like Nykaa, Dove, Amazon, and Ajio.


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